CSI: Miami -- The Producer


CSI: Miami has successfully progressed from a spin-off boutique crime show to a monolith of the genre. So satisfying has this series been to its viewers and creators alike that one of its producers has decided to take to the blogosphere and write about the makings of the show. This blog offers serious fans rare and exclusive insight into how the themes and topics of various episodes interweave with real life and real crime.

Reality Steve


In his own words, Reality Steve's site is "my sarcastic, slanted, sophomoric, and skewed view on the world of reality television." That pretty much sums it up. He is famous for his spoilers of popular reality television shows.

Daily Links 4/24
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Daily Links 4/23
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Basket of Kisses


Basket of Kisses was the first Mad Men fan blog. It pegs itself "the unofficial blog of AMC's Mad Men." Because of its large following and since it was the first to cover the show, this blog gets a ton of insider info.

Fan Art Thursday: January Jones
by Deborah Lipp about 4 years ago
Glen’s Road Trip
by Deborah Lipp about 4 years ago

Mad Men Unbuttoned


A blog solely dedicated to Mad Men and the 1960s.

Gleeks United


How many words will be created using this hit show's title? The term "Gleek" came around sometime before season two, and unfortunately even more outlandish usages have resulted. One that we'll lobby to keep is the Gleecap, the name of the charmingly written analyses from Gleeks United that help to distinguish the blog as one of the Web's most fanatical. This site also stands out for unprecedented coverage of Glee gossip and future plans for the show.

What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?


One of our favorite characters on Glee is undoubtedly that adorable germophobic counselor with a heart of pocket-protector gold, Emma Pillsbury. Unfortunately, the character, brilliantly portrayed with gentle pluck by Jayma Mays, has been underused in this, Glee's second season. Pillsbury fans with an eye for fashion punch back with this devotional blog page. Viewers who've secretly obsessed over Emma's cardigans and other tidy stylings finally have an outlet to vent their sartorial, err, glee.

It Happened Last Night - Zap2it


The site features recaps and news for all reality television shows, including The Bachelor. See lists of next episodes as well as info about TV ratings.

Reality TV Junkie


This site is a compilation of reality television posts from a variety of sources across the web. Subscribe and get updates on just about any reality TV show you can think of (including The Bachelor).

The Bachelor Topics Page - USA TODAY


A trusted resource offers the latest news articles on The Bachelor. The nice thing is that these articles aren't the usual reviews found elsewhere, but instead topics such as "Did 'Bachelor' try to make fiance of late NASCAR driver cry on TV?"

My TV The Bachelor Episodes


Looking for air dates or a list of full episodes? Here is a complete listing (from each season to date).

The Futon Critic


This site boasts being "the web's best television resource", and offers stats and info about The Bachelor, such as cast and crew listings or show status. Find out what ratings ABC is getting for The Bachelor and other top shows.

AMC Continues the Revolution with a Third Season of "Turn: Washington's Spies"
almost 3 years ago
HGTV Greenlights Full Season Order of "Listed Sisters"
almost 3 years ago

Television l Not Zombies!


A review of The Bachelor that is far from the norm, evident immediately by his caricature portrayal of Brad Womack. Cynical, slightly disturbing, and highly objective, the opinions of this blogger are out there for the world. Read on and be entertained.

Every Day I Write the Book


Random Bachelor posts from a blogger who doesn't necessarily appreciate it for what it is. The writer shares why she was scandalized by this year's show and what she believes every "Brad Womack" is looking for.

SiriusXM Gives Me Clarity
by Kacy Faulconer about 4 years ago
Don't Leave the Church
by Kacy Faulconer about 4 years ago

Best Week Ever TV


Mad Men isn't exactly a humorous show, but this blog makes you laugh out loud with it's hilarious recaps. It lightly pokes fun of the characters and serious subject matter - it's obvious that the writers love the show, they also love making light of the serious episodes.

Last Lap: Is Jarvis Prepared For A Big Bang?
by Rahsheeda Ali about 4 years ago
Bonkers Ball Gowns! The 2014 Met Gala’s Worst-Dressed Celebs
by Meghan O'Keefe about 4 years ago