Nanotechnology Now


A listing of all things current and newsworthy in the Nanotech industry, Nanotech-Now is a great place to start learning about the industry or see what's currently going on.

Responsible Nanotechnology


This blog provides information not just about nanotechnology, but about how it should be responsibly used to benefit mankind.

Nanotech Buzz


What's new in nanotechnology? Look here and find out how nanotech is affecting everything from cars to crops.

Nano Bugle


According to their tagline, they're a "window into applied science" and are supported by the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory.



Kids blog with great games and info about the latest in science and technology, including nanotechnology.

Splitting water
by Carl Batt over 4 years ago

Frog Heart


A blog specializing in commentary on nanotechnology and science with a Canadian bent. While many nano ideas come out of the US and Europe, Canada is no slouch in this department either.

Nanophotonics transforms Raman spectroscopy at Rice University (US)
by Maryse de la Giroday about 4 years ago
Squishy but rigid robots from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
by Maryse de la Giroday about 4 years ago

International Council of Nanotechnology


A great resource for information on the sustainability and and stewardship of nanotechnology. ICON is one of the leading providers of nanotechnology information, and their blog showcases it well.

EP approves report on proposed Regulation on Medical Devices (SAFENANO News)
about 4 years ago
Dutch Food Contact Rules Revision covers Nano-form Substances (SAFENANO News)
about 4 years ago

Nanite News


New and emerging nanotechnology news is delivered in all its glory here at Nanite News. A great resource to find out what is new and upcoming in the world of nanotechnology.

Protons fuel graphene prospects
over 3 years ago
Magnetic fields and lasers elicit graphene secret
over 3 years ago

Nano All


Collection of information about the emerging world of nanotechnology. Nano All strives to find the best of what's available and compress it into one site of easy viewing.

Build some solid websites without coding with Wix.com
by Franklin Manuel over 2 years ago
How to Create a Fully Functional Job Board Site with WP Job Board
by Franklin Manuel about 3 years ago

Nano Architecture


Nanotech blog with a focus on how this new technology will affect the architecture and design markets. This blog features a more practical side to the application of nanotechnology.

by The Editors about 4 years ago
Blood-Resistant Surgical Glue For Mending Broken Hearts
by The Editors over 4 years ago

Nano Future 2030


A trip through time and an examination of just where nanotechnology may take us. As nanotechnology evolves, Nano Future examines just how it may change our world forever.

Nano Public


Nano Risk is a blog by Dietram A Scheufele about the public impact of nanotechnology. This is a great resource from a knowledgeable source.

Nano Risk


Nano Risk is a blog about the emerging risks associated with nanotechnology. This is a great site to learn about possible consequences for using nanotechnology on a global scale.

Nano VIP


Nana VIP features press releases and job information in the nanotechnology space. This is a great resource for those looking to break into the industry.

Nano Werk


Nano Werk prides itself on being a comprehensive list of all things nanotech related. The blog features some of the most up-to-date information about nanotechnology and its related fields.

Scientists pioneer strategy for creating new materials
almost 4 years ago
The power of hidden patterns
almost 4 years ago

Singularity Hub


The Singularity Hub has dedicated itself to the discussion of not only AI and robotics but the influence of nanotechnology as well. This is a great blog for those with a wide interest in the field.

The Day You’ll Prefer Robots to Humans
by Peter Diamandis over 3 years ago
Technology Is the Beauty and Terror of the Human Mind Turned Inside Out
by Jason Dorrier over 3 years ago

Tiny Tech IP


Tiny Tech IP seeks to find the best and newest in nanotechnology patents and put them up for examination. This blog is an excellent way to find out what new inventions are coming down the pike for nanotechnology.

ReRAM Patent Landscape
by blaisemouttet over 4 years ago



Blog~Nano is run by BIR Consulting and offers solutions to reader questions about nanotechnology. The blog is a good way to get some basic information on the subject and perhaps get a question or two answered.