Stephen's Lighthouse


Stephen's Lighthouse helps to illuminate library industry trends and new advances in innovation as well. The blogger writes from a perspective of true knowledge as he has visited over a hundred libraries in many different countries during his time working.

33 Reasons Why You’re Addicted To Books
by Stephen Abram over 4 years ago
Harvard Presentation: Library Transformation: Sketching the Future Library
by Stephen Abram over 4 years ago

David Lee King


The blogger offers insight into library websites and digital technology in this interesting blog spot. He covers management, marketing, planning, and much else.

Social Media Guidelines for Staff
by David Lee King over 2 years ago
Managing Multiple Instagram Accounts just Got Easy
by David Lee King over 2 years ago

DIY Librarian


DIY Librarian offers a variety of posts about librarianship and other related topics. Stories include dogs in libraries, conferences, a day in the life of a library day, and much more.

The Specialist: now accepting submissions
by Tara over 4 years ago

Tame the Web


Tame the Web offers musings on libraries, technology, and people. It comes from a blogger who is an assistant professor in library and information science at San Jose State University.

Metadata Man
by Michael Stephens over 2 years ago
What is 3D Printing? from Teens @ White Plains Public Library
by Michael Stephens over 2 years ago



ACRLog is a blog spot dedicated to providing information from (and for) academic and research librarians. This is a well run site with a load of information and detailed postings to boot.

Working With Undergraduate Student Employees: An Appreciation
by Chloe Horning over 4 years ago
On Being A Faculty
by Jason W. Dean over 4 years ago

The Digital Librarian


The blog spot gives musings on the intersection between library services and technology.

Meaningful Web Metrics
by jaf over 2 years ago

Library Gyaan


Everything about Library and Information Science Technology