Nano Law Report


The Nano Law Report features an examination of legal issues surrounding the use of nanotechnology. In such a burgeoning field, legal issues are common and John Monica seeks to address them on his blog

Future Lawyer


Future Lawyer focuses on technology and the law. Specifically, the blogger identifies gadgets that lawyers (and everyone else) use and how they might impact/be impacted by the law. Half law-related, half plain old technology fun, Future Lawyer is a great read!

Apple versus Samsung versus Apple
by rickgeorges over 2 years ago
Leap Day: You Really Don't Want To Know
by rickgeorges over 2 years ago



Blogger Gene focuses on patent and innovation legal policy here. In fact, all facets of intellectual property law are touched upon here with grace and crystal-clear prose.

What is Michelle Lee Hiding?
by Erich Spangenberg over 2 years ago
Whistleblowers testify on on alleged Gurry abuses at WIPO to House Foreign Affairs Committee
by Steve Brachmann over 2 years ago

Patent Docs


Patent Docs is a weblog authored by patent attorneys and agents that focuses on recent developments in biotechnology and pharmaceutical patent law, including reports on changes in U.S. Patent Office rules and procedures, recent court decisions, newly filed patent litigation, and recently issued patents.

Ethics in the Practice of Intellectual Property Law
by Patent Docs about 4 years ago
Webinar on Opinions of Counsel
by Patent Docs about 4 years ago

Oziel Law Blog


The Oziel Law Blog provides topical and practical entries related to business law, corporate-commercial law, IT law, intellectual property law, trade-marks and knowledge management.

Cybercrime Review


A law blog focusing on emerging legal issues, with a special focus on cybercrime, cyberlaw, the Fourth Amendment, and privacy. We have been cited by the Volokh Conspiracy, Lawfare Blog, Eric Goldman, and major media sources (Infoworld, CSOOnline, etc.)

Va. police may seek to photograph erection of teenage boy accused of manufacturing child pornography
by Jeffrey Brown almost 4 years ago
Initial Reactions to Riley v. California
by Natalie Nicol almost 4 years ago