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Blogger Peter provides a refreshing glance at information technology from a British perspective. Being voted a 2011 IT Person of the Year definitely helps to bolster his reputation. Yet garlanded or not, this blog stands out for its clarity and depth of insight. Many IT blogs concentrate on the gizmos that make the IT community glitter. Peter prefers to delve into the heart of the matter, writing on issues like complacency, the future of communication, and cost effectiveness.

The rise of me-tail - By Ian Simpson, Managing Director of Catalogues4Business
by Peter Birley over 4 years ago
Driving transformation - Guest Blog by Rohit Talwar
by Peter Birley over 4 years ago

Church IT


David writes about an unsung intersection here, the one between religion and cutting-edge technology. Worship is improved with new techie wavelengths on this page.



Rants, raves and random brain dumps on Mobile SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Uberity LiveCycle ES, Adobe MAX, Mobile Development, Open Data, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Web 2.0, Music, Flex, PDF, LiveCycle, AIR, Mobile Development, Tutorials, Technology and Culture.

Energy Efficient Building Funding Available
by Duane Nickull over 2 years ago
Google Places "Type" Dropdown list (Free HTML Code)
by Duane Nickull almost 3 years ago



A unique computer how to community that focuses on the tutorials themselves and caters to the authors that create them.

Tech Gurus


At Tech Gurus, you will find a collection of my thoughts and those of Industry experts, rich articles, researches and opinions based on my professional experience regarding subjects and issues that are of interest to us all in the ICT World; particularly in Information technology & security, Web 2.0, Internet/Hacking, cloud computing & virtualization, System Administration and other I.T. related issues.

Cyber-crime as a Service
by Moyo Ogunjale over 2 years ago
10 things you didn't know about the Dark Web
by Moyo Ogunjale over 2 years ago

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Read and make comments to Web Spiders Blog relating to Mobile Technology News, iphone development, content management system and Rich Internet Application.

event2mobile adds a new level of engagement to events with its innovative Photo Module
by Team Pi over 4 years ago



A Blog for the aspiring CIO. The blogosphere is full of CIO blogs, but what about those who are still on the path? Well, this blog is trying to close that gap, looking at how you start to think and act like a CIO, what you might need to change in your approach, and what are the key issues that you need to be thinking about



Tips and tricks for your PC, software and website !

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IT Talk is an IT blog for technology lovers. At IT Talk we talk about Cell Phone Technology, Information Technology, Designing, and Development and also talk about Internet Marketing, SEO or Social Media.

Marvin Dreyer


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Protect your website using Wildcard SSL certificates
by preity.karki about 4 years ago
Why go for Windows web hosting?
by preity.karki about 4 years ago

Inside Tech Tricks


Inside Tech Tricks is an approach to make the people aware about all that knowledge and tools which will help them get the most out of their digital life. Manufacturers have built in a lot of features in our devices but most of us are not aware of all the stuff, my job is to research on all those topics and reveal it to people so that my readers could be more productive. Do you wanna be one of them? What are you waiting for. join me on www.insidetechtricks.com

Online Shopping In India Still In Its Infancy | Online Shopping Report
by Sony over 4 years ago
How The Use Of Smartphones Is Increasing On Daily Basis [Infographic]
by Nishant over 4 years ago

Internet Marketing for African Webmasters


Internet marketing blog for African webmasters and small business owners

The internet a place to call home. stop #CISPA we will fight for it


The internet a place to call home. stop #CISPA we will fight for it supporting the STOP #CISPA MOVEMENT. Influenced by #anonymous & #ro0ted and may other hacking groups.



CyberSectors is all about Information Technology and our motto is to share the knowledge with you and help on what more you can do to make your basic PC skills better. Learn through our step-by-step how to guide or tutorial, find several tips & tricks, IT News & happenings, software downloads and much more.

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ACTSupport blog is updated by highly skilled techs who share their experience in handling different technical support that are offered to worldwide web hosting companies It is a complete knowledge base for other who needs to become highly skilled professionals

Tricky business of tech acquisition


The big news this week is the back-firing of HP’s acquisition of British software company Autonomy last year. HP paid a whopping $11.1B to acquire Autonomy even when it’s CFO was against the deal. HP took a charge of $8.8B citing accounting improprieties done by Autonomy to inflate company value. Of course the question is how come HP scrutiny did not see that before making the big decision to acquire. This all happened under the last CEO Leo Apotheker, even though current CEO Meg Whitman voted for it as a board member.

MySQL Security Best Practices


MySQL is one of the best opensource databases that is easy to use. Normally security configuration will not be part of the “ready-to-use” MySQL packages. From MySQL 5.0 Security Configuration is made as a separate package and can be configured with the mysql_secure_installation command. This will be available in the bin folder of MySQL. In addition to this, the following are some of the best practices followed.