UK author and education expert Doug Belshaw posts insights on improving outcomes, whether that be in or out of the classroom environment. More philosophical and theoretical than practical, Doug's advice is a great source of inspiration for encouraging others to become more productive. He is particularly keen on how education and technology affect and enhance productivity.

#BelshawBlackOps14 has started – see you in January!
by Doug Belshaw over 3 years ago
Curate or Be Curated: Why Our Information Environment is Crucial to a Flourishing Democracy, Civil Society [DMLcentral]
by Doug Belshaw over 3 years ago

Open Educator


An ardent advocate of public education, teacher Graham Wegner maintains a blog in support of classroom innovation and technology. Especially helpful for teachers is his link network, which connects visitors to teaching tips and fresh ideas for keeping classroom learning lively.

The Paradoxical Attraction Of Sports
by Graham over 3 years ago
The Paradoxical Attraction Of Sports
by Graham over 3 years ago

Cool Cat Teacher


Blogger Vicki here believes that teaching science is a noble choice in education. Her posts serve to honor and uplift fellow instructors with tips on how students learn best.

Teaching Hacks


Quentin D'Souza is a highly respected teacher and technology expert who has worked hard to encourage the use constructive use of information technology in the classroom and beyond. Incredibly well organized, Quentin's blog is a sophisticated resource and online water cooler for debate and discussion between interested educators everywhere.

Teachers Teaching Teachers


This weekly webcast addresses issues facing educators in the technology age and highlights success stories and innovation. An enormous range of topics is covered, from how nutrition affects the learning environment and student reediness, to creating community in schools. Developed by NYC educators Susan Etteman and Paul Allison, this blog evolved from a local Skype meetup between colleagues to an international resource for teachers around the world.

TTT#386 Celebrating Open Education Week 2014 w/ Karen Fasimpaur, Verena Roberts, Greg McVerry, Ian O’Bryne, Nate Otto 3.12.14
by Paul Allison over 4 years ago
TTT#378 A Case for Food Literacy w/ Joseph Franzen, Brent Peters, Lauren Goldberg, Devin Brown, Elfe Dona, Karen Fasimpaur 1.15.14
by Paul Allison over 4 years ago



Kevin Hurtmay just be starting his teaching career, but he still has a wealth of knowledge to share. Though his primary responsibility is teaching, he is also the go-to guy when it comes to technology and teacher development, and the football and baseball coach to boot. Kevin knows kids, and he knows that kids use technology. He shares that insight with parents and fellow educators in his blog.

Bud the Teacher


Bud Hunt is an instructional technologist for the St. Vrain Valley School District in northern Colorado and a very popular blogger with his colleagues around the world. Bud reads, writes, and worries about the future of teaching and learning on his thought-provoking blog. He also does his best to support and inspire others to embrace the wonders, and the challenges, of new media modalities in the classroom.

“Print” Sources in the 21st Century
by bud@budtheteacher.com (Bud Hunt bud@budtheteacher.com) over 2 years ago
Badges. #nwpleads Badges.
by bud@budtheteacher.com (Bud Hunt bud@budtheteacher.com) over 2 years ago

Moore on the Page


Steve Moore is a high school language arts teacher in Kansas City’s urban core. His blog reflects his love for education technology and offers resources for other teachers seeking to find new ways to use these tools in the classroom.

Around the Corner


Teaching veteran and techie Miguel Guhlin is on a mission to transform teaching and learning through the use of technology in the classroom. Forward thinking and tech savy, this blog is intended to help fellow educators, administrators and policy makers discover how to enable learners to communicate and collaborate with each other.

Securing Your Passwords: Chromebook
by noreply@blogger.com (Miguel Guhlin) over 3 years ago
MyNotes: 5 Social Media Tips for School District Communications
by noreply@blogger.com (Miguel Guhlin) over 3 years ago

Hooda Math Blog


Math teacher Michael Edlavitch is also a technology geek who uses games to teach math. His blog is full of flash games and worksheets that teachers can print out for use in the classroom. Kids love computer and video games, and now they'll love math!

by Hooda Math about 3 years ago
Don't worry we will continue to have a new Escape Game every week all summer lon...
by Hooda Math about 3 years ago

Online Enterprise Open Source Training


Attune University provides online training, self paced training, public training and corporate training for open source technology like Liferay, Alfresco, hadoop, JBPM, activiti, spring, magento and more.

Insights from the Cloud


Our Insights from the Cloud blog is designed to bring teachers and teaching professionals the latest insights, reviews and exclusives from the world of Educational Technology (#EdTech).