This blog always seems to find some quirky new update in the telecom field and make it exciting for its readers. Examples of this include auto bill pay and smartphones.

Summer of Loyalty – SMB Marketing Tips
by David Zahn about 4 years ago
Note to Cloud-Resistant IT Departments: It’s Happening Anyway
by David Zahn over 4 years ago

A Smarter Planet


This blog is focused mainly on wielding technology for the better of all. That said, there is many a vibrant feature that directly talks on the latest in telecom.

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Seafood Restaurant: An Idea
by Guest over 4 years ago
A Letter to Our Clients About Government Access to Data
by Guest over 4 years ago

Telecom Trends


Blogger Mark writes as one of America's neighbors to the North. His Canadian viewpoint doesn't make his insights into international telecom any murkier.

The state of connectivity
by Mark over 2 years ago
What will Ottawa Councillors consider?
by Mark over 2 years ago

Tech Liberation


This blog makes it clear that it's not the technology, but rather the humans behind it, who ought to be held accountable. It's a great site for sometimes jaded consumers.

How Much Tax?
by Hance Haney over 3 years ago
Regarding the Use of Apocalyptic Rhetoric in Policy Debates
by Adam Thierer over 3 years ago

Verizon: Policy Blog


Verizon -- yes, the uber-huge telecom monolith -- extends an informational olive branch with this honest site. The writing candidly reports on the company's latest telecom musings.



This site understands that not every telecom innovation will improve our communities and lives. The writing seeks to shed light on telecom mishaps and misgivings.

Alpha STAR


AlphaSTAR is a leading global provider of physics based simulation technologies and services for structural modeling and analysis of advanced materials. Since its inception in 1989, Alpha STAR has focused on composite structures, and related innovative research that helped industry and government agencies overcome critical challenges with complex composite structural systems.

Web Design Birmingham


Find articles Covering a wide range of topics such as web hosting, Wordpress plugin, web development

Gadget Notice


Explore The Latest Technology, SmartPhone and Gadget

Tech Exile


TechExile is a tech media company, dedicated to breaking tech news, profiling start-ups and offering insightful opinions & reviews on products you care about.



This unique site is developed with an aim of helping numerous piping design/engineering (oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical) professionals to build the basics of piping. The Site will provide information on various topics related to piping design, piping stress analysis, flange leakage, jacketed piping, rack piping, pump piping, and many other basics of piping engineering.

Adorn web design blog


Adorn blog periodically posts articles on web design, web development, seo and internet marketing.

New Feature Added in Google's Knowledge Graph


Another new feature added in Google’s Knowledge Graph. Now search with an ease without digging into worthless forums and websites. This unique search helps you to see the relevant information right on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), that means, if you are searching for tickets and schedule of any musician or Band, you can simply get that on the result pages of Google. Isn’t it amazing? All the emerging technologies are just working for your comfort! You need not to search more for specific information, the same can be get right away from Google search pages. For instance you want to know upcoming events by the band The National! Simply type this string into Google’s search box. The search will show you several results. Right to these results you may see two or more links provided with you corresponding search string. If you click these hyper linked show titles, you will see a new page of search results with a quick information and web results related to that particular show so you can learn even more. The good thing about this new Knowledge graph of Google is “Remind Me” option. When you check your favorite musician or band from Desktop or Android gadget, you can simply click “Remind Me” option, this will remind you about new releases on your phone or tablet!

Latest technology news


If you are a gadget freak, then Gizmoworld.org is the right place for you. Gizmoworld.org covers it all, if its a latest phone or gadget, you will get the latest information on our site.

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Printers to Run Small Businesses
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