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Blogger Mark writes as one of America's neighbors to the North. His Canadian viewpoint doesn't make his insights into international telecom any murkier.

The state of connectivity
by Mark over 2 years ago
What will Ottawa Councillors consider?
by Mark over 2 years ago

Total Tele


Like you might guess from the title, this blog leaves no telecom stone unturned. It quests to provide a holistic snapshot of the industry via sundry and vibrant articles.

3UK extends free roaming to more countries
by Total Telecom about 4 years ago
Sprint reportedly ready to pay $31bn for T-Mobile
by Total Telecom about 4 years ago

Tech Liberation


This blog makes it clear that it's not the technology, but rather the humans behind it, who ought to be held accountable. It's a great site for sometimes jaded consumers.

How Much Tax?
by Hance Haney over 3 years ago
Regarding the Use of Apocalyptic Rhetoric in Policy Debates
by Adam Thierer over 3 years ago

Verizon: Policy Blog


Verizon -- yes, the uber-huge telecom monolith -- extends an informational olive branch with this honest site. The writing candidly reports on the company's latest telecom musings.

Mobile Future


This blog has wisely divined that the biggest boom to come in telecom will likely arrive via our phones. Understand more of their hypotheses on how that will work out here.

VoIP and Gadgets


What you presume you'll get is exactly what you'll get here -- great gadget and VoIP news and info. The site also provides unique and interesting telecom videos.

Logitech ConferenceCam CC3000e Video Conferencing for SMB Review
over 4 years ago
TransCertain CertainSafe Review - 2014
over 4 years ago

Mobile Burn


See where all those crazy and hifalutin engineers put their brainpower into on this site. It focuses on the gadgets and gizmos that will get us to the next telecom level.



This blog, one of absolute favorites, analyzes the place of texting in the telecom community and in society's daily lives. OMG, the teens and text-crazed will LOL for this.

Text message ban could undermine Afghan vote
about 4 years ago
EU Parliament votes to ban mobile roaming charges
about 4 years ago



This site understands that not every telecom innovation will improve our communities and lives. The writing seeks to shed light on telecom mishaps and misgivings.

Japan: Wireless Watch


Japan's telecom scene has courted arguably the biggest buzz and heat anywhere. Stay on the cutting edge of the industry by following this country-specific page.

SoftBank FullSeg Mobile Digital TV for iOS Customers
by admin over 4 years ago
Android Japan Spring 2014 Conference and Bazaar Event
by admin over 4 years ago

Online Business


Business that function primarily online ought to head to this site pronto. It's bursting with articles on how to help you squeeze the most that you can out of telecom.

Protect Your Data With Online Backups
over 4 years ago
Online Backup Profile: SugarSync & Carbonite
over 4 years ago

Mobile Tech Blog


This blog tracks the inevitable and often exciting meetings of society, technology, and new whiz-mo gadgets. It keeps readers up-to-the-minute on telecom news.



Skype has been one of the most visible and beneficial signs of progress in the telecom sphere. Get up close and personal to the technology with this site's charming posts.

Skype brings you healthy food tips from Russ Crandall
by Natacha Brown over 2 years ago
Liverpool FC fans get a Skype surprise and the chance to win signed jerseys
by Natacha Brown over 2 years ago

Alan Williamson


The personal blog of Alan Williamson, a man with a great deal of experience in the technology industry. His blog is dedicated to all things new and exciting in the world of tech, including cloud computing.



The black-and-white, classic medical picture that opens this blog speaks to the professional and classy writing this blog flaunts. It covers radiology and other fields as well.



Top-tier radiologists are always seeking out the latest technological advances for their profession. This blog places them in the thick of their quest for the new and improved.

3D Printed Maps Help Blind People Navigate Inside Buildings
by Editors over 2 years ago
FDA Approves New ScandiDos System That Measures XRT Dose
by Editors over 2 years ago

Beer Planet


No, this blog isn’t about beer. It’s about technology and programming and is written by Artem Russakovskii, a programmer with an obvious sense of humor.