Nano Law Report


The Nano Law Report features an examination of legal issues surrounding the use of nanotechnology. In such a burgeoning field, legal issues are common and John Monica seeks to address them on his blog

Nano Public


Nano Risk is a blog by Dietram A Scheufele about the public impact of nanotechnology. This is a great resource from a knowledgeable source.

Nano Risk


Nano Risk is a blog about the emerging risks associated with nanotechnology. This is a great site to learn about possible consequences for using nanotechnology on a global scale.

Nano VIP


Nana VIP features press releases and job information in the nanotechnology space. This is a great resource for those looking to break into the industry.

Nano Werk


Nano Werk prides itself on being a comprehensive list of all things nanotech related. The blog features some of the most up-to-date information about nanotechnology and its related fields.

Scientists pioneer strategy for creating new materials
almost 4 years ago
The power of hidden patterns
almost 4 years ago

Singularity Hub


The Singularity Hub has dedicated itself to the discussion of not only AI and robotics but the influence of nanotechnology as well. This is a great blog for those with a wide interest in the field.

The Day You’ll Prefer Robots to Humans
by Peter Diamandis over 3 years ago
Technology Is the Beauty and Terror of the Human Mind Turned Inside Out
by Jason Dorrier over 3 years ago

Tiny Tech IP


Tiny Tech IP seeks to find the best and newest in nanotechnology patents and put them up for examination. This blog is an excellent way to find out what new inventions are coming down the pike for nanotechnology.

ReRAM Patent Landscape
by blaisemouttet over 4 years ago



Blog~Nano is run by BIR Consulting and offers solutions to reader questions about nanotechnology. The blog is a good way to get some basic information on the subject and perhaps get a question or two answered.

Med Tech


This blog brings an international focus to its coverage of the medical tech community. Readers can expect a new article almost daily.

Mobile Health Computing


Fascinating is the word to describe this blog. The majority of the blog is concerned with using mobile devices in health care, which of course is changing health care for the better.

Will Windows 7 take you to 2020?
by Joseph Kim, MD, MPH over 2 years ago
Taking a Chromebook for a spin (Dell Chromebook 13)
by Joseph Kim, MD, MPH over 2 years ago



This hospital worker launched his blog here to chronicle the latest medical happenings as they related to IT. His great writing has earned a loyal, large readership.

Morning Headlines 3/21/14
by Lt. Dan over 4 years ago
News 3/21/14
by Mr. HIStalk over 4 years ago

Diagnostic Imaging


This blog keeps its readers abreast of a new form of diagnostic technology that might be safer and more effective than other means. The articles here excite you about the possibilities.

Bob on Medical Device Software


Blogger Bob likes to concentrate on how software technology and advancements are helping with medicine's progress. This is a simple yet well-stocked blog page.

Device Talk


This blog provides a place for people in the medical community to discuss and learn more about the devices they use. It's a site great for patients to catch their physicians off-guard.

Da Vinci Xi: Intuitive's Next-Gen Surgical Robot Released
by Chris Wiltz over 4 years ago
Report: Healthcare Cybersecurity Appalling, Legislation Not Enough
by Chris Wiltz over 4 years ago



The portmanteau of this blog's title lets you in on exactly what it does well. The writing explains and spells out for you what's really noteworthy about telecom news and info.

Managed Cloud Solutions Are Your Business Edge
by T1 Rex over 2 years ago
Are Your T1 Lines Saturated?
by T1 Rex over 2 years ago

Solve Force


This blog brings a lot of history and reverence for the building blocks of modern telecom to the table. We enjoyed their piece on the significance of the local loop.



This blog always seems to find some quirky new update in the telecom field and make it exciting for its readers. Examples of this include auto bill pay and smartphones.

Summer of Loyalty – SMB Marketing Tips
by David Zahn about 4 years ago
Note to Cloud-Resistant IT Departments: It’s Happening Anyway
by David Zahn over 4 years ago

A Smarter Planet


This blog is focused mainly on wielding technology for the better of all. That said, there is many a vibrant feature that directly talks on the latest in telecom.

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Seafood Restaurant: An Idea
by Guest over 4 years ago
A Letter to Our Clients About Government Access to Data
by Guest over 4 years ago