Beach Wallpaper


Dreaming of a little sun and sand? Then you'll love this blog. It features images of beaches from around the world, sized for your desktop.

Weight Loss Methods
almost 4 years ago
How to Study: Speed Reading
almost 4 years ago



This site specializes in hi res and widescreen wallpapers. You'll find papers for every occasion, theme, and mood. There's even a wedding wallpaper!

All Size Wallpapers


This blog features wallpapers small enough for your mobile phone and large enough for your HD TV. The site automatically detects your screen resolution and displays it at the top of the screen, so you know exactly what size to look for.

Theme Bin


Theme Bin offers more than just wallpapers. You'll also find themes, icon sets, and other graphics to personalize your computer.

Bridge To Heaven 4K Wallpaper
by Gigacore almost 3 years ago
Flat Mountains 4K Wallpaper
by Gigacore almost 3 years ago

Digital Living in Canada


Lindsay Smith's blog focuses on technology and digital marketing. See interviews, videos and articles about using technology to digitally market your business.

The Impact of Google+ On Travel
by TechLinz over 4 years ago
Are You Prepared for SEO in 2014?
by TechLinz almost 5 years ago

Free Resources from the Net for EVERY Learner


Posts on this blog will probably blow your mind because of all the free content you can't find anywhere else. Paul Hamilton provides these resources because he believes every learner deserves the same advantages and opportunities. If you agree, then you'll need to check this out.

Apace of Change


We know how demanding special education issues are and so does this blogger Damian Bariexca. This school psychologist blogs about the combination of technology and psychology in the life of children with and without disabilities.

Deven Black
by damian over 2 years ago
St. Baldrick’s: Once More Unto the Breach
by damian over 2 years ago

Nanotech Buzz


What's new in nanotechnology? Look here and find out how nanotech is affecting everything from cars to crops.

Nano Bugle


According to their tagline, they're a "window into applied science" and are supported by the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory.



Kids blog with great games and info about the latest in science and technology, including nanotechnology.

Splitting water
by Carl Batt over 4 years ago

Cloud Computing


Improve your understanding of the frequently foggy field of cloud computing with David's smart analyses. He focuses on how the technology can become practical for consumers.

Docker acquires Orchard in a sign of rising ambitions
by InfoWorld Tech Watch almost 4 years ago
Microsoft brings two open source tools to Azure
by admin almost 4 years ago

Speech Techie


Sean is here to give you the best of both worlds when it comes to teaching speech. He knows the world is a changing, and he is on board. He does add some personal posts you might not find helpful, but it is worth looking through to find the ones with helpful technology tips to help the child in your life.

My Valentine to Doodle Buddy- Part 4
by Sean Sweeney over 2 years ago
My Valentine to Doodle Buddy- Part 3
by Sean Sweeney over 2 years ago

Electro IQ


Current listing of articles in the nanotech space including advancements and emerging theories. Nanotechnology is advancing, and Electro IQ strives to keep up.

International Council of Nanotechnology


A great resource for information on the sustainability and and stewardship of nanotechnology. ICON is one of the leading providers of nanotechnology information, and their blog showcases it well.

EP approves report on proposed Regulation on Medical Devices (SAFENANO News)
about 4 years ago
Dutch Food Contact Rules Revision covers Nano-form Substances (SAFENANO News)
about 4 years ago

Nanite News


New and emerging nanotechnology news is delivered in all its glory here at Nanite News. A great resource to find out what is new and upcoming in the world of nanotechnology.

Protons fuel graphene prospects
over 3 years ago
Magnetic fields and lasers elicit graphene secret
over 3 years ago

Nano All


Collection of information about the emerging world of nanotechnology. Nano All strives to find the best of what's available and compress it into one site of easy viewing.

Build some solid websites without coding with Wix.com
by Franklin Manuel over 2 years ago
How to Create a Fully Functional Job Board Site with WP Job Board
by Franklin Manuel almost 3 years ago

Nano Architecture


Nanotech blog with a focus on how this new technology will affect the architecture and design markets. This blog features a more practical side to the application of nanotechnology.

by The Editors about 4 years ago
Blood-Resistant Surgical Glue For Mending Broken Hearts
by The Editors over 4 years ago

Nano Future 2030


A trip through time and an examination of just where nanotechnology may take us. As nanotechnology evolves, Nano Future examines just how it may change our world forever.