Christine Southard's Blogspot


Christine is a 5th grade teacher who blogs about the resources, webinars, conferences, tech tools, and online resources she finds helpful. This is a great blog to turn to when you need a comprehensive compilation of helpful teaching tools.

Education on the Plate


Deven Black started teaching at age 50, after a host of other careers. He believes that this career choice is the most difficult and the lowest paying, but also by far the most rewarding. He writes about his students, education reform, politics, and much more here.

What a Way to End one Year and Start a New One
by Deven Black over 4 years ago
Broken neck? Let’s collaborate!
by Deven Black over 4 years ago



This blog focuses on the art and science of teaching with technology. It is a storehouse for free, featuring more than 43,000 lesson plans, 9,300 printable worksheets, teaching tips, web quests, and worksheet makers. The forum is a great place for teachers to gather and discuss resources or teaching tips.

Integrating Tech


Scott Snyder's obsessed with turning his high school English class into a true 21st century classroom. He integrates the latest technologies into his teaching methods, especially concentrating on texting, tweeting, Skype, and chat rooms. Our guess is that the class doesn't mind at all.

High School Bits


This blog is authored by expert educators as a valued resource for English teachers. Teachers can expand their knowledge and improve their teaching with the educational posts featured here.

Literacy Connections


Literacy Connections is written by teachers who focus most on helping young readers develop and grow through innovative teaching projects. Posts such as Choosing Books for Preschoolers and Conquering the Chapter Book help teachers formulate effective reading and writing curriculums.

The Threads of Reading


Aimed at K-12 reading and writing teachers, The Threads of Reading is written by a published author in the field of literacy teaching. Her posts are both informative and editorial, and she also includes excellent resources for literacy teachers.

Picture This! Teaching with Picture Books


Picture This! Teaching with Picture Books is one of the few education blogs dedicated exclusively to using children's picture books to promote literacy. In addition to offering curriculum and concept ideas, the blogger also regularly reviews various children's books and gives advice on how to use them in the classroom.

Feathers: Not Just for Flying by Melissa Sweet
by Links to Literacy over 2 years ago
Frankencrayon by Michael Hall
by Links to Literacy over 2 years ago

The Reading Workshop


The Reading Workshop explains different approaches to the teaching of writing, but specifically advocates for a community reading approach. His posts also explore issues of testing and grading in his regularly updated posts.

Success Post
by Mr. McGuire about 4 years ago
Do You Connect the Dots?
by Mr. McGuire about 4 years ago

Mrs. A's Reading Room


In addition to blog posts detailing the blogger's own reading experience, Mrs. A's blog provides links to various reading resources. Not only does she advise teachers, she offers a section geared toward helping parents encourage their children's literacy growth.

Challenge yourself!
almost 4 years ago
Back to the Good Old Days!
about 4 years ago

Teach Paperless


Due to recent attention on school budget constraints, as well as on maintaining a healthy environment, using as little paper as possible is essential to good teaching methods. Teach Paperless is written by a number of eco-conscious teachers who encourage the use of technology and creativity to teach effectively without depending too much on paper.

I'm Blogging Again
by noreply@blogger.com (Shelly Blake-Plock) about 4 years ago

The Teacher's Corner


Here's a site offering a lot of free quality materials to benefit teachers. Lesson plans, seasonal ideas, bulletin boards, a teacher forum, and the "Book Nook" featuring time-tested children's book reviews and recommendations.



This site focuses on education and training using online tools. Teachers who are a little "technologically challenged" will appreciate the step by step videos that make learning the use of technologies simple.

The Secret to Building Successful Strategies
by Sarah Lybrand over 2 years ago
6 Things I Learned At Saastr 2016
by Matéo Askaripour over 2 years ago

Worksheet Library


Here teachers can print worksheets for every grade and subject. They make teaching and planning easier for the teacher and learning more fun for the students! Users do have to pay a membership fee to access the complete collection, but nearly 1000 printables are totally 100% free.

Elementary Teacher Resources Blog


There are some helpful teaching tools and other lesson and planning resources available here for elementary teachers. However, this is mostly a platform for teachers to share, ask, and relate with one another.

about 4 years ago
First Grade Daily Math Journals
over 4 years ago

Some School Games


Learning shouldn't be all hard work! Have a little fun with your class and they'll learn better for it. This site features a growing list of fun and education learning games.

School Bus License 3
by Some School Games about 4 years ago
School Bus License 2
by Some School Games about 4 years ago

Music Teacher's Helper Blog


Music teachers often "go it alone" without the support that other teachers can easily find. But here's a site to help keep them on their game and provide fresh inspiration. The site has a wide variety of content; posts cover everything from comparing music notation programs to using technology or performing. Many teachers blog on this site, which contributes to its diversity.

Music Teacher’s Helper Users Helped Over 5,000 Students!
by Andrew over 3 years ago
Keys To Syncopated Strumming
by Pat Shelby over 3 years ago

FREE Printables for Teachers


Many educational organizations are struggling financially. A site like this one gives teachers access to materials that can help increase the quality of their teaching without requiring additional financial resources.

Lesson Plans for Teachers


This is the Internet's #1 resource for lesson plans. Teachers can get plans by grade or read helpful articles on developing plans of their own and recognizing the importance of planning lessons.

Teaching High School Psychology


Teaching High School Psychology does a great job of describing the challenges of high school education. The blog is a resource for teachers of high school psychology, and features multiple posters, as well as interesting links and posts focusing on a variety of related topics, such as challenges young students face and the anatomy of the human brain.

My Damn Mind
by Rob McEntarffer over 2 years ago
Warm Fuzzies from Dr. Gurel
by Amy Ramponi over 2 years ago

Substitute Survival


In the words of the blogger Miss Miller, "this blog is dedicated to equipping, inspiring, and encouraging substitute teachers in their daily adventures! Often overlooked, substitute teachers play an important role in the educational world. Their daily influence is one that must be supported & uplifted." She includes a wealth of resources, games, lesson plans, and other helpful tips, all written in a fun and youthful voice.

A Relief Teacher's Journey


The blog's tagline says it all: Michael is an "Australian teacher blogging about my professional growth and development of global connections through the use of Web 2.0 tools." This blog is great to see what it's like to substitute teach abroad, and what the first few years of teaching are like. His small triumphs and little stories of interactions with students make this blog a read that will leave you smiling.

Facing the Challenges of the new Digital Technologies Curriculum
by Michael Graffin over 2 years ago
Looking back on a year with @adobevoice (#ionapsict)
by Michael Graffin over 2 years ago

Asher of All Trades


Asher's tagline wraps this blog up nicely: "Substitute teaching, returning to school & becoming a teacher... from the perspective of an opinionated wandering artist." If this description fits you too, then this blog is a worthwhile read for you.

Weathering the Storm
by askthehomediva over 2 years ago
Dropping SAT scores, Bubble Maps & Irony
by askthehomediva almost 3 years ago

Mysterious Teaching: Insights Behind the Perils of Being a Teacher


The drama, the activities gone haywire, the summer vacations, last day of school, inappropriate students, testing, professional dress.... this blogger's got it all covered. Read here for an in-the-trenches look at being a substitute teacher.