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We all have to deal with taxes, and this blog is here to make it easier. Get national and state-specific advice on doing those taxes and avoiding serious mistakes from native Texan and journalist Kay Bell.

Tax moves to make in May 2014
by skbell1 about 4 years ago
Amazon begins collecting sales tax from Florida buyers May 1; Will the online retailing giant lose even more customers?
by skbell1 about 4 years ago

Taxable Talk


This blog features posts about going-ons in government, recent news from the IRS, analysis and references to court decisions, and substantive treatment of issues in accounting. The content on this blog is very in-depth, and could be a very useful resource for the student of accounting.

IRS Prematurely Asking for Money
by Russ about 4 years ago
If You Can’t Get the Refund, Why Not File Some Liens?
by Russ about 4 years ago



A famed tax policy center takes this blog as a change to get atop a soapbox and voice their opinion on taxes. Fortunately, it has the financial acumen to support it.

Len Burman’s Brief for a Health Care VAT
by Howard Gleckman about 4 years ago
Dave Camp’s Tax Reform Could Kill Community Foundations
by Gene Steuerle about 4 years ago



This blogger, currently residing in Philly, has a lengthy law degree that seems alphabetically prestigious to readers. Her JD with a LL.M. Taxation alone would have laymen beelining to the vetted academic for scholarly tax advice. Fortunately, this writer eschews a stuffy, erudite tone for straightforward and always relevant counsel. Taxpayers without a clue on the process are invited to ask this taxation sage their most pressing queries.

Wahlberg And Diddy Bet $250,000 On Mayweather & Pacquiao Fight
by Kelly Phillips Erb about 3 years ago
Fix The Tax Code Friday: Should We Repeal The Federal Estate Tax?
by Kelly Phillips Erb about 3 years ago

Pappas Tax


This blog expertly blends tax information with, of all subjects, Shakespeare. If every blog's a stage, then Pappas has some of the Web's most charming players.

New Streamlined Procedures for Foreign Bank Account Violaters
by Michael Krus over 3 years ago
New Streamlined Procedures for Foreign Bank Account Violaters
by Michael Krus over 3 years ago

Cafe Tax


Have a cup of joe while you jauntily read this caffeinated tax blog. The advice here will energize you more than your average espresso.

Efile Taxes Simple and Easy
by dema4436 about 3 years ago
Division Of Taxation E File
by dema4436 about 3 years ago

Roni Deutch


With a beautiful visage, blogger Roni could be assumed to be too pretty to act as a tax expert. All looks aside though, her wisdom shines through every post.

Mainstreet: Robert Flach


A longtime and vetted tax professional chronicles his deep thoughts on the idea of taxes and how we deal with them here. He also writes extremely helpful tax tips.

New Jersey Tax Practice


Do you live in Hoboken or near Atlantic City? Garden State residents will especially appreciate this blog's state-specific, highly intuitive tax page.

IRS Hitman


The letters I, R, and S might as well spell "pain and misery" for many an American. Finally, there exists a blog to help you fight back against the agency's hassles.

Threat of IRS Phone Scam Continues
by noreply@blogger.com (Shruti Chandra) about 3 years ago
How Late Payment of Taxes Affects You
by noreply@blogger.com (Shruti Chandra) about 3 years ago



Looking for more than workaday tax advice in your favorite blog? Turn to James Edward Maule's page, where he provides the more than occasional commentary on tax law, legal education, the First Amendment, religion, and law generally, with sporadic attempts to connect all of this to genealogy, theology, music, model trains, and chocolate chip cookies.

Should Candidates Be Required to Release Tax Returns?
by James Edward Maule about 2 years ago
Section 280A and the Tree House
by James Edward Maule about 2 years ago

Missouri Tax Guy


Though set in St. Louis, this blog address the issues and finer points of taxes on a federal level. If you're a tax pro in your own right, consider writing a guest post here.

by Bruce McFarland almost 4 years ago
NO! The IRS did not call you first.
by Bruce McFarland about 4 years ago

21st Century Taxation


Our state and federal tax systems have features that violate principles of good tax policy such as equity and simplicity. There are also outdated features that do not reflect today's ways of living and doing business. Check out this blog on tax system problems and how to resolve them.

Trailing Nexus - Extra Complexity
by Professor Nellen about 2 years ago
Filing Season and Affordable Care Act
by Professor Nellen about 2 years ago

Class 5 Tax Blog


It can be extremely difficult to locate a reputable professional to help you in preparing your taxes. Start your search by benefiting from this blog's helpfulness.

Why I strongly prefer Traditional IRAs to Roths
by class5tax about 3 years ago
Why I strongly prefer Traditional IRAs to Roths
by class5tax about 3 years ago

Tax Blog Online


The act of filing paperwork for the IRS can be a, well, taxing experience. Make the process easier with this blog's thoughtfulness.

California Tax Attorney


The Golden State can get as grim as any other come mid-April. This tax attorney lends his learning opinion on it all to the blogosphere mix.

Phil Hodgen's Blog


This blog concentrates primarily on the international tax scene. But it makes a point to shed light on stateside concerns using the global examples.

Taxation of Americans Abroad in the 21st Century- University of Toronto
by admin about 4 years ago
New Client Intake Close-Off
by admin about 4 years ago



SmartMoney comprehends that really intelligent financial handlers know how to weave their way through tax time. Glean some taxation agility here.



This blog courts an audience of taxpayers who don't forget their status as important and valued citizens. Taxes in 1915 and combined reporting are recent posts.

Tennessee Tax Guy


Memphis and Nashville might be musical capitals, but Uncle Sam's annual chant for taxes can drown the music out. TN residents can read here and let this music play.

Tax Extender Package Approved Through 2014 Only
by Paul Singleton over 3 years ago
Deutsche Bank Hit With Tax Evasion Charges
by Paul Singleton over 3 years ago