Rob Aquatics


Rob is a die-hard swim enthusiast, and provides a series of photos and descriptions to document his watery adventures. Nowadays, many a reader has opted to paddle along with the aquaphile and track his intriguing and captivating adventures by the seashore.

Swimming Off Into the Sunset
by Rob D over 4 years ago



Eric, a customer service rep for a noteworthy American swimwear company, moonlights as a huge swimming enthusiast and first-rate blogger. His coverage encircles all the major water sports, including diving and water polo, yet it's clear that swimming especially tugs at Eric's heartstrings. Expect the occasional ad from Eric's day job, but otherwise it's all water, all the time.

One Stroke at a Time


We all have them: ultimate life goals. Surmount Mount Everest; hike to the depths of the Grand Canyon. Yet the aim to cross the English Channel remains evergreen and classic; Don Macdonald graciously chronicles his obsession with his aspiration to swim around the world in wonderfully candid and personal blog. Don started to strategize about how to complete the feat about three years ago, and we love reading about his plans to carry out his life goal.

Early Marathon Swimming in USA
by Don Macdonald over 2 years ago
Determining Functional Swimming Threshold
by Don Macdonald over 2 years ago

Gord's Swim Log


Gord chronicles his love of the water and the sport of swimming in this beautifully written blog that covers both indoor and open water swimming.

Battling Bronchitis
by Gordon Gridley over 2 years ago
2016 One Hour Postal
by Gordon Gridley over 2 years ago

Swimshop UK


A blog written by Gaynor Willis - GB Olympic Swimmer 1984. One or two updates a day with articles as diverse a latest equipment tips to the history of swimming. A must read for swimmers, coaches and supporters of all ages.

SportsAquatic Blog


We are SportsAquatic, with us being a swimming store we are obviously very enthusiastic swimmers. With us being based in the North East of the UK most of our blogs will be based around our area or within the UK itself, however if we feel that a story is worth blogging about, we'll blog it.

Let's talk swimming


A swimming based blog covering news stories from the world of both competitive and open water swimming. It includes product reviews and a training diary for upcoming events.