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H2Open editor Simon Griffiths writes an occasional blog about happenings in the world of open water swimming and general swimming tips and advice. H2Open is the world's only dedicated open water swimming magazine.

Pacific Jules


Pacific Jules is teh blog of the Bold & Beautiful Swim Squad from Manly, Sydney, Australia. We are the largest daily open water swimming group in the world. Swimmers of any standard are welcome to our inclusive group. We have over 3,000 members and typically have 50-100 swimmers 365 days a year ay 7:00am - often well over 100, sometimes 200-300+.

20/04/14 Happy Egg Day
by Sharondunn about 4 years ago
19/04/2014 - The blog that got his job back!
by Robbie Byrne about 4 years ago

Gone Swimming


Written by open water swimmers with a passion for the outdoors, and North Wales in particular - this blog covers many and varied topics relating to swimming, and adventurous activities.

5 simple tips for a safe start to the swimming season
by Super User over 4 years ago
What is the Freedom Fish?
by Dan Graham over 4 years ago

Big Ricks Swim Team


Our Blog are fun stories of our open water adventures from double channel swims, to great lakes to the british gas mass swims Welcome everyone To Big Ricks Swim Team... Big Ricks is a group from the West Midlands in the UK , we are made up of old swimming friends (and we are glad to say since we started many new ones ) who have come together because of our love for all things swimming... we were formed in 2008 in memory of our Great Friend Mark Rickhuss ( aka Big Rick ) Ricks take part in many Pool,Lake,River and Sea swimming events all over the UK..these events for Ricks team can be just for fun, just to take part,and for some of the team these events are to race.. but no matter if you are 1st or last we are in it to enjoy ourselves together as one team... Just How Mark would have wanted it....we are a fun club, with no costs to join ...everyone is welcome anytime..Ricks..;;-))

Mission Impossible IV
by Big Rick`s Swim Team over 2 years ago
Isoman 2015 -The Ultimate Triathlon
by Big Rick`s Swim Team over 2 years ago

Bennett Swims


Reports from a family of outdoor swimmers, brought up by the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean in UK. Regular posts and photos from rivers, sea, lakes, lidos, night & day, formal & informal, fast & slow, +/- wetsuits, from all over the world...

10K Marathon Swim


A blog about an open water swimmer and his forays into marathon swimming.



Cold water & rough water. Cold & rough water! The author is an English Channel Soloist amongst others, who writes one of the most popular open water swimming blogs in the world with in depth technical articles on all aspects of open water and marathon swimming, such that he was selected as one of the Global movers and Shakers in open water swimming of 2012 and the blog was selected as a finalist for the national blog awards Sport & Recreation category.

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Twenty-Two Things About Open Water Swimming That You Don’t Want To Know
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Open Water Swimming


Open water swimming interviews, tips, experiences, and general information. We are training to cross the strait of gibraltar and other big swims in the coming years.

Ayúdanos a Salvar Vidas
by mauprieto over 2 years ago
Survey Results: Are you Planning a Dream Swim?
by mauprieto over 4 years ago

Devon Dispatches


Stories of swims in the rivers, lakes and seas of Devon, taking in coves, caves, cliffs and corals