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This blog is about my journey from recreational swimmer to competitive swimmer to English Channel attempter. I will attempt to swim the English Channel July 2013 as part of a 6 person relay team.

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The Daily Swim provides a workout and training plan 5 days per week geared toward masters swimmers and triathletes.

Sweating Chlorine


NCAA athlete, summer league assistant coach, and all-around swimming fanatic making my way through my DII career. Here to show you awesome pools and answer your questions about technique, training, nutrition, college swimming, and anything else that floats your boat. Be about it cause you'll never sweat it out.

actually i havn't been swimming at all, and it's been a month now, i went and got an x-ray and it showed that there's no injury at all. they think i'm just very loose jointed and should spend the next month building up muscle in my shoulder
by captainktspeaking almost 4 years ago
I'm a 16 year old girl. Is a 28.68 50free good?
by captainktspeaking almost 4 years ago

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A swimming based blog covering news stories from the world of both competitive and open water swimming. It includes product reviews and a training diary for upcoming events.

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The Simply Swim blog endeavors to research and explore the latest news in the swimming world, covering a wide range of topics such as open water swimming, nutrition, competitive swimming, training, swimwear and equipment, events and more.

Dangerous Places You Wouldn’t Want to Swim
by Robyn Caldwell over 2 years ago
The History of Men’s Swimwear
by Robyn Caldwell over 2 years ago

Devon Dispatches


Stories of swims in the rivers, lakes and seas of Devon, taking in coves, caves, cliffs and corals



Goodness is a website built to inspire and support women to be fit, to be healthy and to be true to themselves.

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The life of a teenage, competitive City of Leicester (UK) swimmer that eats, sleeps and gives everything for swimming!



With regular blog posts looking at new products, industry announcements, current events and top tips from swimming experts - visit the official Zoggs blog today for all things swimming.