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Like Uncle Sam toward government, or John Hancock for signatures, some common names become associated over time with a larger, more expansive concept. Joe College follows in this trend, this blog having grown synonymous with timely and important scholarship news. High school students are especially targeted here; the blog advises them to start their search early for potential free money. Frequently, Joe will bless readers with tips on other areas like student debt and commencement.

Award Letters Got You Confused?
by Center for College Planning about 4 years ago
Interested in Attending College in Canada?
by Center for College Planning about 4 years ago



Delve into a trove of insider facts and secrets on application tips and advice here. There is also counsel here on how to ace your college interviews.

Why are the ACT’s Essay Scores so Low?
by jan about 2 years ago
A Financial Path to College
by jan over 2 years ago

Find College Cards


Prepare to the hilt for your examinations and all of your demands using this blog's special savvy. You can also find financial aid counsel here.

Making It Count


Many freshman do not realize the transition stage they will go through when they begin college. This blog gives you advice and helps you to be prepared.

College Goals


Align your college dreams with goals designed to fulfill them here. Those interested in international schools can find a lot of information here as well.

Tips on Visiting Colleges
by mcstewart almost 4 years ago
CollegeBoard’s New SAT
by mcstewart about 4 years ago

Study Hacks


This blog was written by a computer science student and written to students. It offers advice and tips to others entering computer science academia.

Write an Attention Charter
by Study Hacks over 2 years ago
The Mind is Like a Locomotive
by Study Hacks over 2 years ago

Don't Let Higher Ed Eat Your Soul


This blog is written for students and is meant to be read by students either in college or planning to attend. You will learn some interesting truths about dorms and campus life in general.

Granite College Blog


The blog is very interesting as much of it focuses on adult learning. The blog talks about the many reasons to take online classes, which most colleges and universities offer today.

College Advice Blog


University kids can pick up a tip or two here that they can implement into understanding their very next lecture a bit better. Internship advice is also available.

The College Survival Handbook


An East Carolina University grad looks back on his school years and uses his memories to advice new college kids. Graduating on time is a popular topic on the page.

Burner App -- Keep Your Personal Number Safe
by noreply@blogger.com (Ben) almost 3 years ago

Surviving College Life


Anyone who's never lived with a roommate before, or made it through a college schedule, can study up here. College tips are offered in the posts without a lot of fuss.

Absolute College Girl


This is a fun blog written by a college girl. It offers everything you could ever imagine about college life as a female.

Pre-Med Hell


If you are pre-med and stressed out, this is the blog for you. This is an encouraging blog to all students that are heading to med school.