Young Wise Tails


The Young Wise Tails' is the totally awesome blog from two of Santa Barbara, California's, brightest shining upcoming surfing talents, Connor and Parker Coffin. It's not as if the sport of surfing ever experience a lull in fans or excitement, but the industry has definitely seen the brothers Coffin as the best and most vibrant defense against surfing ever entering its own, well, coffin. This blog rambles, flows, and ebbs in and out with the virtuosity, chill, and laid-back energy you'd expect from surf phenoms.

Eithan’s New vid.
by Conner about 4 years ago
by Parker about 4 years ago

Saltwater Dreaming


Ever had a reverie of the perfect wave? Relive that thrill again and again with this site's focus on finding the best groove in the water.

Longboard Classic 2014 at Kalim Beach
about 4 years ago
Western Australia for Drug Aware Margaret River Pro
about 4 years ago



This blog is an important one for serious surfers to read often. It helps them keep track of where the sport is headed and what's making it hot now.



This blog caters to the Florida surfing community, providing them with top-notch weather reports and location scouting. It also highlight's the region's best boarders.

Mayday Memorial Surf Classic Flagler Beach
about 4 years ago
Easter Surf Fest @ Cocoa Beach Florida
about 4 years ago

Surfers Village


This site will keep readers up to date with the most worthwhile and prestigious contest news. It also makes sure to spotlight the surfers doing the most winning now.

Taj Burrow


The Billabong-sponsored boarder has composed one of the most fun and visceral pages around. His stint in Fiji and going after huge tuna were really exciting to read.

by tb almost 4 years ago
by tb almost 4 years ago

Marine Layer Productions


There's a refreshing vintage, cinema verite feel to this surfing page determined to frame the best waves. The videos here will really get you to grasp the chill surf vibe.

by Dane over 4 years ago
by Dane over 4 years ago

Lost Atlas Movie


This site makes a great argument that surfing and modern art have tended to grow alongside each other. Every post and video here boasts some skillful layering of ideas.

The 3 Tree


The three brothers Gudauskas employ their rich tans and richer love of the surf to provide this blog's fodder. David Bowie and the art of ripping are recent, warm topics.

Runamuk Visuals


This blog determines to cater to the youth athlete chic: namely surfers, along with skaters, photogs, and models. They're great at harnessing that energy to make great art.



Surfer novices or wannabes, paddle to this page pronto. It's the best at giving you an understanding of how the surfing world ticks, and how you can dive into it well.

The Dumpster Rubble Conundrum
about 4 years ago
Summer into Summer
about 4 years ago

Surfing in Costa Rica


There's something about this little island that makes it exceptionally inviting to great waves and surf. Learn about the surfing savor of San Jose and beyond here.

Surfy Surfy


Surfy Surfy provides comprehensive surfing news and coverage on a daily basis. Their primary focus is on promoting surf boards that boarders themselves make.

Surfy Surfy!
by JP from Surfy Surfy about 3 years ago
Reminder: Leucadia Used Surfboard Swap Sat March 28 2015
by JP from Surfy Surfy about 3 years ago

Best Surf Blogs


Get to this blog to update yourself on the latest surfing news as soon as it hits the blogosphere. It fields news and headlines from the best surfing sites around.



This New Zealand surfing blog will whet your Kiwi appetite and inspire you to book a flight down under asap. Blogger Tony makes a convincing case that N.Z. is the best surfing locale.

Air New Zealand goes Surfing
by Tony Foster about 3 years ago
Working hard hardly working
by Tony Foster about 4 years ago



We all envy those California dreamers getting their surf on in Malibu or Seal Beach. We can get some insight into exactly how sunny it is for them with this site.

Newquay Surfer


England, Cornwall specifically, provides many an unsung surfing thrill. Visit this page to see how Britain's boarders are taking advantage of their wave-laden coasts.

The Swell board shoot out – St Ives
by Newquay Surfer almost 5 years ago

Beer Can Beach


Obviously, every surfer would object to a beach that had even one of the rejected cans of this blog's title. The blogger here, though, know it's all in fun, and inject each post with breezy amusement.



Although Alaska lacks the tropical temperatures that many surfers are used to, lion-sized opportunities for surfing exist in Alaska. Every post here is as chill as the state is chilly.

Alaskan winter surf trip on a commercial fishing boat
by Scott Dickerson over 2 years ago
Wayward Roll Top Board Bag – Gear Review
by Scott Dickerson over 2 years ago



Blogger Jamie uses her page to hail her life's almighty trio: surfing, music, and fashion. Her writing blends the charm, smoothness, and athleticism of all three of her loves.

California Art Show at Panorama Framing
by Jamie Watson over 4 years ago
Surf Day
by Jamie Watson over 4 years ago



This blog looks to preserve what's beautiful and bodacious about one of the last reasonably priced beaches in Long Island. The site is raw, personal, punchy, and lovable.

FlyBoy WakeSurf


Wakesurfing is slowly but surely taking over America's coasts as the water sport of choice. See what's so tubular about it here.

How is it done?
by Author about 4 years ago
Double frontside 360′s
by Author about 4 years ago

Surf Report SoCal


This blog is all about the surfing industry in SoCal. They discuss the conditions of the oceans at different local beaches, different surfing foundations and charities, and many different popular surfers, among many other topics.