International Student


Read the practical advice provided for interested students by students studying abroad. Written as a running journal you won’t skip a beat as you travel along with students as they post pictures and record the emotions felt when traveling away from home.

What Are Your Goals For 2016?
by Amar Chaniago over 2 years ago

Vanessa’s UND Study Abroad Blog


Vanessa traveled through Prague and the Czech Republic and has a lot to share. From making friends to celebrating holidays, check out Vanessa’s blog for a peak into a beautiful part of the world, that sometimes gets overlooked.

Gypsy Traveler


Follow Bianca as she explores beautiful Seville, Spain where she finds amazing food and breaths the Spanish culture. By the time Bianca’s time is done you will be ready to head to Spain as well to create your own lifetime memories.

Katie Pau Life En France


Katie studied abroad in Pau, France and recorded her journey for herself, family and friends wanting to stay connected. She makes an interesting list of habits she found peculiar that the French follow, great to be aware of before living and studying in France.

International Student: Study in the UK Blog


This blog seeks to provide relevant, useful information for students interested in studying in the United Kingdom. Posts include such topics as finance, living in dorms versus living in off-campus housing, and applying to different programs.

SEO Success Factors
by Emil Gallant about 3 years ago
Language Optimization
by Emil Gallant over 3 years ago

Unlimited Toast


Blogger Mary Ann shared every bit of her Austrian study abroad excursion on her blog, which features long, detailed, journal-like posts about her travelling adventures. Future study abroad students can learn a lot about how to take advantage of every moment of their experience by reading this dedicated blogger's work.

Thalia Explores Greece


As its name suggests, this blog was written by a student travelling to Greece, who also took the time to visit Turkey while abroad. Anyone intending to travel in Greece can find useful information about transportation, hospitality, and food by carefully reading this extraordinarily detailed blog.

American Werewoulfe in Limerick


This blog is a non-traditional take on the study abroad blog. The blogger behind this quirky work is an American student taking on Ireland, sharing travel tips, advice for students, and advice for artists who are looking to travel in Ireland.

Cara Menggunakan Suplemen secara Bijak
by dorotea tirta about 3 years ago
Pengobatan Untuk Osteopenia
by dorotea tirta about 3 years ago

KHollin: Adventures. Escapades. Naps.


Blogger Kate Hollingsworth seeks to bring a little adventure into her fellow student's lives by encouraging travelling and study abroad adventures. Her own study abroad experiences include Germany, Prague, and the Czech Republic, and her blog includes the details of her work and escapades while in these remarkable places, and how she incorporates her experience in her daily life in Georgia.

Café du Monde
by khollin over 4 years ago
Café du Monde
by khollin over 4 years ago

Kimbo in Spain


This is a quintessential study abroad blog, kept by an Oklahoma State University Student embarking on an adventure in Spain. The blog is written in a poetic, artistic format with the intention of capturing the adventuresome travelling experience in words.



Written from the perspective of an Oklahoma State University student travelling in France, this blog follows the study abroad experience from beginning to end. Featuring the blogger's personal experiences and emotions, reading this blog is like reading a real travel story.

Walpole Hops the Pond...


I'm embarking on a two-year journey in London for my Master's of Public Administration at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

World Heritage Site Update
by Kathleen Walpole over 3 years ago
Goodbye 2014
by Kathleen Walpole over 3 years ago

Yo Soy Rebel Travels


Study Abroad Italy: A young girls travels through Europe. I studied abroad in Viterbo, Italy from September 2011 to May 2012.

The Serious and The Frivolous


All the weird and wonderful experiences available in St Petersburg, Russia and Valencia, Spain (as well as other Spanish cities). See my recommendations, photos and insider knowledge to get the most out of your trip to either or both of these beautiful places. You don't need to have a sense of humour to travel, but it helps!