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When I was applying for my Undergrad course , I had to write my SOP , which I did , but it would have been great if some one could edit it , that's when I stumbled upon this website which helps to Edit your SOP without majorly changing it to sound stereotype. They were quick and not very expensive. Here is the website address http://www.theeditor-world.com/ hope I was of some help to some one in need.

12 Reasons Why You Must Study Abroad!


Universities may differ over their curriculums, accreditations, and even facilities. The one thing that they have all agreed upon is the necessity to study abroad. Not only that, but many universities and countries are financially supporting students to go for that experience. Here are some reasons why:

Tran's Travels


A blog dedicated to traveling and the all experiences that travel brings--cultures, foods, and friends! Currently featured on the site is my study abroad experience in the United Kingdom this past academic year that includes the following countries: France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Israel, Turkey, Morocco, and more!

Six Month Suitcase


Six Month Suitcase was founded in 2014 with the purpose of helping students navigate the complicated process that is studying abroad, get the most out of the experience, and stay engaged after their time abroad comes to an end. We publish advice on various aspects of study abroad, explanations of travel topics, and the occasional product recommendation.

10 Easy Step to Save Money While Studying Abroad


It’s no mystery that traveling abroad can become an expensive expedition, especially for anyone looking to indulge in all the amazing opportunities of their top destinations.If you’re one student who fears that studying abroad may be well above your budget, fear no more, my friend, as it is much easier than one might suspect! Follow these ten easy tips and you will be well on your way to experiencing the most while spending the least!