Motherhood Uncensored


Looking for a motherhood and pregnancy blog that's a little "off the beaten trail"? This is it! Kristen Chase's character shines through in this distinctly unique and original blog. You'll have to read it to understand.

Writing Through Life


This blog is all about using writing as a tool to get through life uncertainties and make sense of everything. This blogger shares personal stores as well as some very valuable information for their readers.

Between Writing Projects: 4 Ways to Get Writing Again
by Amber Lea Starfire over 4 years ago
A Week’s Worth of Journaling Prompts: Control and Choice
by Amber Lea Starfire over 4 years ago

Kimchi Mamas


This is a blog about everyone who has the background of being Koran American and their relationships with everyone in their lives such as the in-laws, friends, and learning how to speak the English language.

Asking ourselves the right question...
by Kimchi over 4 years ago
Tomorrow is another day…
by Kimchi over 4 years ago



While this blog has slightly broader topic than most organizational sites, Claire Josefine has a sincere compassion for those who need to simplify their lives, and she makes it not only simple, but fun.

My Dishwasher's Possessed!


I love being a SAHM to three wonderful and wonderfully diverse children. I love being married to my best friend. But, our life is messy, crazy and hectic. I manage by laughing a lot and not getting upset over things that I can't control, like my dishwasher being possessed. I write a weekly essay and post each Sunday.

Five Reasons I'm Thankful I"m not a Turkey
by noreply@blogger.com (Kathy Radigan) over 4 years ago
Getting Possessed with Kathy and the Dishwasher: 7th Victim - Emily of Fourtuitous
by noreply@blogger.com (Kathy Radigan) over 4 years ago

Daily Rant


Personal blog geared towards moms and moms to be. I am a SAHM of 3 kids - 11, 2 and 5 months. My blog is a melting pot of sorts featuring stories, life experiences/lessons, recipes (cooking/baking), photos and product reviews/giveaways. I can offer hints/tips/helpful resources concerning breastfeeding, natural childbirth, carseats and more. Come on over and read about how I gave birth to my son in the car...

Creative Kids with Sewing Machine
by juli over 4 years ago
Undangan Pernikahan Special Fish
by juli over 4 years ago

The Mixed Up Brains of Lisa Weinstein


My blog is about being a mom to a teenage daughter, coping with middle age, life's funny moments, my passion for Harry Potter and being a wife, friend, and working professional

by Lisa Gradess Weinstein over 4 years ago
by Lisa Gradess Weinstein over 4 years ago

Tell Me Another


Tell Me Another is a personal blog consisting of stories from the five+ decades of my life across cultures and countries (India, England, Greece, and the United States) and across generations to my parents' stories as well. It can be searched chronologically by decade, geographically by country, or thematically, with categories such as Books, Music, Food, Childhood, and Education. Started in Feb. 2010, it has readers from 138 countries and counting.

353. Solapuris
by josna over 2 years ago
by josna over 2 years ago

Silly Mummy


I write about my life, my ups, my downs, and my experience with my son's autism. My blog is a personal space where I can write my thoughts and also use as a community to connect with others. I sometimes work with brands. It's a PR-Friendly blog. Guest bloggers accepted. Button-swapping accepted.

The Good, The Bad and the Italian


A blog about food, films, family as well as other stuff n' nonsense with an Italian connection.

A Growing Season


A Growing Season is about telling stories of the absurd and extraordinary in everyday life. Sometimes it's about being the parent of a teenage boy in all its glory and horrors; sometimes it's observations on what is happening in contemporary culture; and sometimes it's about life as a farm kid in Iowa or an adult in Arkansas.

{ * RamBLer WithOut BorDers * }


A personal and often humorous account of my travels around the world (mostly Asia), and food (usually associates with my travels). I also write Movie reviews of Asian Cinema, especially Chinese cinema. As well as personal account of my first hand experience in amateur film making.

Manila Day 1: Intramuros by Cycle Rickshaw
by noreply@blogger.com (Francis Q) over 2 years ago
Ayala Triangle Park with Festival of Lights
by noreply@blogger.com (Francis Q) over 2 years ago

Cognitive ComPost


This site was created so I could practice writing and establish my presence as a writer. Unfortunately, in the course of life, we may lose someone very special. My wife, Fawn, is that person. She encouraged me to write. This blog is now about my life with her and how it has been changed by losing her. I dedicate all that this is, and all that it becomes, to her. This is a story of love, loss and life.

Breakfast In Tuscany


A different take on life in Tuscany from poet, writer and essayist Jonnie Falafel. Full of irony and scepticism .

Blue Water Mystique


A blog about sailing, life on the water, cruising the caribbean, hiking, kayaking and lessons