Abnormal Returns


Abnormal Returns is no fair-weather friend of a blog. Readers can anticipate sterling news and financial analysis no matter the current condition of America's monetary scenario. The writers here have developed their fame in due part to concise daily posts that contain links and recommendations savored by the upper crust of investment professionals. Head blogger Tadas touts twenty years of experience and wisdom, and that intelligence pours through every post.

What books Abnormal Returns readers purchased in March 2014
by abnormalreturns about 4 years ago
Tuesday links: high frequency arguments
by abnormalreturns about 4 years ago

Dividend Monk


Blogger Matt opens his blog with a clarification: he is no monk in the religious sense. However, he does bring a monastic, spartan focus to his analysis of the stock market in every post here. He prefers to tint his writing with his passion for dividend growth investing, a concept which he believes can court great riches for those who practice it correctly. He also regularly issues Minimalist Challenges to readers, encouraging them to do much more with far less.

CSX Corporation – Interesting Yield but Can it Keep Raising the Dividend?
by DivGuy over 2 years ago
Procter & Gamble – Don’t Get Fooled by the High PE Ratio; This Company Has Potential
by DivGuy over 2 years ago

World Beta


Blogger Mebane double-majored in both engineering and biology, affording him a unique perspective of the stock market. Targeted returns are his primary focus here.

Ranking Global Stock Markets On Valuation
by Meb Faber over 2 years ago
What Do The Biggest Investors Expect For Stocks?
by Meb Faber over 2 years ago

Dividend Ninja


This fortysomething blogger believes that mutual funds are nothing but dogs. A system of asset allocation and index-fund core building serves at this site's foundation.

Tips For Investing In Your Retirement
by Guest Ninja over 2 years ago
Public Perception Fuels Economic Trends
by Guest Ninja about 3 years ago

Wall Street Greek


No "opah" is necessary to imbibe the universally relevant market tips offered here. The site tackles big themes like manufacturing and house investments with thorough focus.

Gold – Take Profits for Now (Part I)
by The Greek over 2 years ago
China Sold Off – Will it Impact US Stocks?
by The Greek over 2 years ago



This blog maintains a day-by-day track of the head writer's stock market choices. Comparing your decisions to this blog can inform you of your current success level.

One Liberty Properties (OLP) – 12-10-2013
by lamdar over 4 years ago
Anadarko Petroleum Corp (APC) – 11-20-2013
by lamdar over 4 years ago

The StockMasters


Investors looking for a more intelligent edge than usual will locate the savvy they crave here. Goldman, Intel, Cisco and Citigroup are among the most recently critiqued stocks.

GOGO shares decline overdone?
by Stockmaster3 over 2 years ago
Deadpool beats the Matrix and 50 Shades with New 'R' Rated $150M Opening Run
by Stockmaster3 over 2 years ago

Stock Trading To Go


Think of this blog as the fast-food restaurant of stock market advice blogs. Unlike most chains, what you digest here won't leave you feeling greasy and unsatisfied.

Market Recap Feb 26, 2016
by Mark Hanna over 2 years ago
Market Recap Feb 25, 2016
by Mark Hanna over 2 years ago

Global stock market tricks and tips


Want to get more gain in stock market investment ? Surf here to know the basic and advanced techniques of global stock market, commodity trading and stock indices before you investing money.