Abnormal Returns


Abnormal Returns is no fair-weather friend of a blog. Readers can anticipate sterling news and financial analysis no matter the current condition of America's monetary scenario. The writers here have developed their fame in due part to concise daily posts that contain links and recommendations savored by the upper crust of investment professionals. Head blogger Tadas touts twenty years of experience and wisdom, and that intelligence pours through every post.

What books Abnormal Returns readers purchased in March 2014
by abnormalreturns about 4 years ago
Tuesday links: high frequency arguments
by abnormalreturns about 4 years ago

Cara Community


This site concentrates on capital markets and social equity. It's a great site groom students into stock market pros.

Peridot Capitalist


Blogger Chad provides his readers with tailored advice on some of the world's leading and exciting properties. Skype, Ballmer and Chambers, and others are praised or passed over here.

LinkedIn: Another Overvalued Tech Stock Crashes Back To Earth
by Chad Brand over 2 years ago
Keeping Perspective: S&P 500 Corrections Since 2010
by Chad Brand over 2 years ago

24/7 Wall Street


Be you an investor from the States or across the seas, this is one of the finest blogs to concentrate on Wall Street analysis. We loved the piece on the best stocks to hold onto forever.

Deutsche Bank Sees 4 Big Pharmaceutical Stocks as Cheap With Solid Dividends
by 247lee about 2 years ago
API Technologies Skyrockets on Merger Deal
by 247chrislange about 2 years ago



This site helps its readers wield the power of information stemming from the markets themselves. A well-stocked supply of graphs and charts helps you envision the possibilities.

Welcome to Mutual Funds: Janus Unconstrained Bond Class A vs Class C Shares
over 3 years ago
CFA Curriculum Type of Blog Post: Efficient Market Line
almost 4 years ago

Money and Markets


This blog is an excellent page to begin your foray into financial investment advice online. The writing is a bit more general than on other pages, but just as relevant.

3 Urgent, Must-See Video Clips
by Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D. almost 4 years ago
Here’s the Result of Politics-Driven Economics
by Don Lucek almost 4 years ago

Trading Goddess


Finance is an industry where, principally, men run the show. Enter the Trading Goddess to serve as the Queen Bee of stock marketing blogs; this blogger shows the boys how effective analysis and trajectory charting is done. Most readers would have no idea this blogger's gender had it not been made known it the title -- and that's a great notion, chipping at the glass ceiling. Sumptuous critiques of the markets on a day-by-day basis feels like it's taking place, rather, hour by hour.

Ex_Dividend Stocks for Week 1 of March
by noreply@blogger.com (Stockerblog) about 2 years ago
Ex-Dividend Stocks for Week 5 of February
by noreply@blogger.com (Stockerblog) about 2 years ago

The Motley Fool


Mentioning the word "motley" can bring along an uncouth, swashbuckling reputation. However, it actually refers to the idea of great diversity. The writers at the Motley Fool, in this vein, seek to provide consummate financial advice to investors and money-handlers of all levels and stripes. For the skeptically minded, the proof is in the multifaceted pudding. Recent posts addressed the dearth of imprisonment for big bank honchos, among other topics that are sure to net a counsel-hungry audience.

Bad Money Advice


This blog's authors encourage you to walk alongside them as you stroll to financial security. Stocks and the housing market are among their favored topics.



Weakonomics is written by a banking professional with a strong background in finance and IT, setting this blog apart from most personal finance blogs, which are generally written by amateurs. His finance and budgeting posts are interspersed with musings on the economy, stock market, and politics.

What Happens When The Joneses Next Door Win The Lottery?
by The Weakonomist over 2 years ago
It Was Time For The Fed To Raise Rates
by The Weakonomist over 2 years ago

The Wild Investor


Blogger Amey played with the kids during the day, yet seriously engaged with the stock market by nightfall. Five years of following the market, and four of those spent actively trading, have afforded Amey and this blog top-tier stock market blog status. TWI's uplifting refrain states that positive returns are all that matters when navigating between bull and bear markets. The posts are irresistibly simple to read and follow. Even beginners can slowly ascend to Amey's expert status with regular reading.

The Pros And Cons Of Hiring An Accountant
by investrex over 2 years ago
I Want To Invest – Is The Iraqi Dinar A Good Option?
by investrex almost 3 years ago

Dividend Monk


Blogger Matt opens his blog with a clarification: he is no monk in the religious sense. However, he does bring a monastic, spartan focus to his analysis of the stock market in every post here. He prefers to tint his writing with his passion for dividend growth investing, a concept which he believes can court great riches for those who practice it correctly. He also regularly issues Minimalist Challenges to readers, encouraging them to do much more with far less.

CSX Corporation – Interesting Yield but Can it Keep Raising the Dividend?
by DivGuy over 2 years ago
Procter & Gamble – Don’t Get Fooled by the High PE Ratio; This Company Has Potential
by DivGuy over 2 years ago



Blogger John was at one time as frustrated with the stock market scene as many of his new readers must feel. He conquered his angst by imbibing literature composed by the great minds of finance, such as Peter Lynch and Benjamin Graham. He imparts that same let-the-legends-teach-you philosophy to each blog post here. An individual post might amount to no more than 200 words of so. Readers can count on Matt to choose each phrase with care and desire that it might spark success for them.

Phil's Stock World


Blogger Phil translates the elevated jargon of serious finance for a more everyday audience. He also features Chart School, posts that instruct readers in chart analysis.

World Beta


Blogger Mebane double-majored in both engineering and biology, affording him a unique perspective of the stock market. Targeted returns are his primary focus here.

Ranking Global Stock Markets On Valuation
by Meb Faber about 2 years ago
What Do The Biggest Investors Expect For Stocks?
by Meb Faber about 2 years ago

Straight Stocks


Direct yourself to this blog when you're on the lookout for especially clear and fluff-free financial discourse. It's recently written about three principles to effective market trading.

The Dividend Pig


A blogger in their mid-twenties doles out financial wisdom far beyond their years here. Budding dividend growth investors will want to emulate his post's market intelligence.

Money in the Trough – February Buys
by Blake over 2 years ago
Dividend Income Report and Net Worth – January 2016
by Blake over 2 years ago

Dividend Ninja


This fortysomething blogger believes that mutual funds are nothing but dogs. A system of asset allocation and index-fund core building serves at this site's foundation.

Tips For Investing In Your Retirement
by Guest Ninja about 2 years ago
Public Perception Fuels Economic Trends
by Guest Ninja about 3 years ago

Barel Karsan


Blogger Barel helps readers barrel through stock market hassles and attract market success. He directs his audiences to low risk tech investments and value mergers.

The Difference Between God and Larry Ellison*
by noreply@blogger.com (Saj Karsan) about 2 years ago
Market Masters
by noreply@blogger.com (Saj Karsan) about 2 years ago

Wall Street Greek


No "opah" is necessary to imbibe the universally relevant market tips offered here. The site tackles big themes like manufacturing and house investments with thorough focus.

Gold – Take Profits for Now (Part I)
by The Greek about 2 years ago
China Sold Off – Will it Impact US Stocks?
by The Greek about 2 years ago

Zen Trader


This blog preaches that serenity and composure are more effective than yells or rage in market success. Frazzled investors find inner calm here before their next trade.

Thursday Evening Options Brief 25-Feb-2016
by chris about 2 years ago
Trade in the automotive industry
by jeff pierce about 2 years ago

Bear Mountain Bull


A software engineer transfers his two decades of experience into figuring out how to be market-savvy. His number one piece of counsel here is never to lose big-time.

Market Wrap
by BMB almost 4 years ago
Market Wrap
by BMB almost 4 years ago