The Stamp Collecting Round-Up


We personally feel that this is the best blog to follow regularly about stamp collection, particularly for people who are just beginning to demonstrate their affection for the hobby. The posts on this blog run through news affecting the entire community. It features writing specific to the stamp scene in America, but does not at all ignore the international stamp collecting body. Blogger Don Schilling, a retired U.S. Colonel, sets an excellent example of how stamp collection is great for a society.

​Royal Mail Issues Alice in Wonderland Stamps
by Don Schilling over 3 years ago
The "Go-To" Guy to Sell Stamp Collections On-line
by Don Schilling over 3 years ago

Gulfmann Birds Stamps


This blog represents a popular trend in stamp collecting blogs -- specialty pages that cater to one type or family of stamps in particular. You've already likely guessed the primary focus of this blog, but don't let the obviousness of this blog's title dissuade you from giving a thorough look-over to the page. Bird stamps of a feather tend to be grouped together because of their beauty, not necessarily because of the creatures.

SAINT VINCENTS ~ Carribean Ducks
by gulfmann about 2 years ago
by gulfmann about 2 years ago

1898 Revenues


Century in and century out, the stamp has pretty much remained a fixture of the American postal scene ever since the idea to mail a letter in this country came about. This blog celebrates the classic history of the stamp in one period of our nation's story of progress, the Spanish American War. History buffs and philatelists alike can join in praise of this blog that straddles both stamp appreciation and serious consideration of American war history.

Industrial Cancelsl: Union Stove Works
by John Langlois over 3 years ago
Industrial Cancels: Union Foundry and Machine Company
by John Langlois over 3 years ago

Philately of Today


The head blogger of this page has been collecting stamps since the age of six. His decades-long experience in the hobby shines through with true wisdom here.

Stamp Collecting Blog


An apparently everyday, Everyman stamp collector writes with a unique and exciting polish on this stamp blog. A ton of connections to stamp love and real life are made.

Review of Edwin Delsing’s ‘Qualität von Briefmarken’
by Keijo about 2 years ago
SCB’s Free Digital Perforation Gauge is here
by Keijo about 2 years ago

The British Postal Museum Blog


The United Kingdom can claim an interesting and longstanding relationship with its stamps over the centuries. This blog seeks to commemorate the best stamps of its past.

Our blog has moved!
by postalheritage about 2 years ago
Pop it in the Post – Your world at the end of the street
by postalheritage about 2 years ago

John's Stamps Blog


Blogger John Finch is a true expert when it comes to the art and knowhow of great stamp collecting. Those in the hobby can turn here for exceptional advice.

Blog Timbre de ma Philatelie


The interesting title of this blog, featuring covers and FDCs from worldwide, is one of French, meaning "a stamped blog about my Philately"; Don't let the French keep you away -- every post is translated. Enjoy your stamps !

"Historical vehicles" and "Olympics in Torino" stamps on new Czech cover
by Eric Contesse about 2 years ago
Waterbird species in Indonesia
by Eric Contesse about 2 years ago

Stamp World


Blogger Joony, from South Korea, has assembled a page that concentrates on stamps representing particular nations. Every day, a new and gorgeous stamp is featured.

7712. from England
by Joony over 4 years ago
7710. from Taiwan
by Joony over 4 years ago

Faroese Stamps


The Faroe Islands, not a commonly known country, is well-known in the philatelist world for its beautiful stamp history. This blog catches you up to speed on this secret.

Statistics 2013…
by Postman over 4 years ago
Welcome the 12000th Visitors
by Postman over 4 years ago

Rainbow Stamp Club


The primary objective of this blog is to foster a virtual community of stamp lovers from around the world. The head blogger, hailing from India, has from all accounts succeeded.

St Patrick’s Day
by Jeevan Jyoti about 2 years ago
New Special Covers
by Jeevan Jyoti about 2 years ago

MB's Stamps of India


Blogger Mansoor has a special affinity not only for stamps coming from India, but also within that stamps about ships and boats. The specialization results in an exciting collection of posts.

C.S.I Corley Higher Secondary School
by Mansoor.B about 2 years ago
Ministry of the Russia for Affairs for Civil Defense
by Mansoor.B about 2 years ago

First Day Cover


Those stamp lovers who are seeking to boost their understanding of philatelist trends in Asia would do well to bookmark this one. Stamps from China, Japan, India, and elsewhere are featured.

Ramsar Cover from ROMANIA
by Sswarup Rath almost 3 years ago
The 50th Anniversary of the First Spacewalk by Alexey Leonov FDC from RUSSIA
by Sswarup Rath almost 3 years ago



This scientist by day moonlights as a huge stamp collecting fan and blogger. He loves stamps especially from his homelands of India and Trinidad and Tobago.

Olympic Stamps and Philately


Every Olympic Games undoubtedly generates a ton of memorabilia, not the least of which comes in the form of stamps. This blog lives to cover this important athletic trend.

Mark Andrew Spitz
by Jagannath Mani about 3 years ago
PD Chaugule, the first Indian at the Olympics
by Jagannath Mani almost 4 years ago

Se-tenant Stamps of India


One important and historical trend in the history of Indian stamps is that of the "se-tenant" stamp. Read this blog for more information on this grouped, block-typed stamp.

by Shrikant Parikh over 2 years ago
Se-tenants of Year 2015
by Shrikant Parikh over 2 years ago

The Stamp Addict Blog


Sometimes, you find yourself just a little more than obsessed with the stamp collection you've amassed over time. At those moments, turn to this blogger, whose writer can relate.

Custom Snapback Brands Have a New Source
by thestampaddictblog about 4 years ago

2 Clicks Stamps


This is an ideal site to direct any first-time stamp collector to, when they need to shore up their elementary stamp knowledge. Posts are easy-to-read and informative.

Best Stamp Collecting Site


This blog bills itself as one of the preeminent philatelist sites out there, and with good reason. The contributors to the site bring a hefty sum of stamp savvy to the writing.

Vera Stamps


This Maryland stamper and blogger shares her work and ideas with readers. You can also keep up with the blogger's twitter updates and read archives dating back to 2008.

Celebrate the Season
over 3 years ago
Easy Watercolor Outline & Debossing
over 3 years ago