Adventures of Scatman


Blogger Craig Scatman shares tales from his hiking outings in the Seattle area. In addition to profiling hikes of varying lengths in the Pacific Northwest area, this full-service blog provides tips on biking, skiing, trail running, and selecting gear for those whose love for the mountains goes beyond hiking.

Wearing the other shoe
by Scatman about 4 years ago
Caged Tiger
by Scatman over 4 years ago

Baker's Outdoor Blog


Matt is a baker in upstate New York who is passionate about hiking. The blog provides important information such as the seven rules of “leave-no-trace,” as well as the blogger’s personal chronicles of hiking in the Adirondacks.

Just Northwest


Bloggers Brandon and Kasey studied journalism at Eastern Washington University. Here they’ve combined their loves for writing and mountain adventures. Their blog offers outdoor adventure news and reviews of destinations in the Pacific Northwest. They cover hikes, bike trails and more with videos, photos and articles.They also feature trail reviews, gear reviews.



For grownups and kids who love to run long.

Guns Holsters And Gear


This is a gun review site that focuses on firearms and related gear for the outdoor enthusiast.