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Bogies, fores, and so much more are always on topic in this acclaimed golf page. The New Golfer's Guide to Golf Lingo is invaluable.

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Are you a beginner and looking professional golf lesson, swing tips, golf training aids and other modern golf swing fundamentals? Then login on No1GolfResource and become professional of break 80 today with our online training programs. Also get training books and professional videos.

Professional golf lessons for beginners | NO 1 Golf Resource


Looking for Professional Golf Lessons? Try online! If you’re looking to fix your golf swing, online golf lessons may be the last place that you think to…

Golf Handicap Calculator | NO 1 Golf Resource


How to Determine Your Golf Handicap Calculating your golf handicap can be one of the more difficult aspects of playing the game. While most golfers choose to…

Best golf swing plane training aids | NO 1 Golf Resource


How to Train Your Golf Swing Training your golf swing isn’t easy. Your thought processes, arms, hips, and muscle memory all must be correct in order to…

Golf swing tips for beginners | NO 1 Golf Resource


You Won’t Believe How Fast These Tips Can Improve Your Golf Swing In the beginning, constructing a proper golf swing can be really difficult. In addition to

How to properly swing a golf club for beginners | NO 1 Golf Resource


How Do You Swing a Golf Club? The swing is the most important part of your golf game, but how do you swing a golf club correctly in the first place?...

Proper single plane golf swing trainer | NO 1 Golf Resource


Developing a Proper Golf Swing Plane When it comes to a great golf swing, it’s very important that you develop a one plane golf swing. Many beginners find this…

Best golf swing instruction videos, DVD, books | NO 1 Golf Resource


Can Videos Really Help Improve Your Golf Score? When it comes to golf, it’s been said that golf is a game you can learn in an hour, but will spend the rest of…

Modern one plane golf swing fundamentals for beginners | NO 1 Golf Resource


Golf Swing Fundamentals for Beginners The first step of learning any game is mastering the fundamentals. Golf is no different. For beginning golfers, mastering

6 Golf Tips On Staying Positive During A Round


Want to chop strokes off you golf handicap without swinging a club? Learn to stay positive on the course. That’s right. Learn to stay positive on the course. Everyone hits bad shots or experiences bad luck. But getting down on yourself after a bad shot or bad luck can add strokes to your scores and your golf handicap.



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Golf Tips for Beginners


Over the last few decades there has been a definitive upswing in the popularity of golf. A game that isn’t just for the young, you can take up golfing at any phase of life and pretty much all you need to get started are a few tips on your swing and the rules of the game such as the handicap differential...

Golf Swing Drills for Beginners and More


There are innumerable ways to improve your golf game; no matter how long you have been at the game, even if you are just starting out. Likely the thing you will hear about the most, are the drills. You can’t simply walk out onto the course and be perfect just because you watched that tournament on T.V. that one time...

How Swing Plane Aids Can Up Your Game


In order to truly nail down the one plane swing fundamentals, many serious golfers turn to some of the best golf training aids around for a little help. Whether you have been golfing for years or are just starting out…

Denver Golf School


If you want to become a professional golfer and get training from the instructor then, you should hire a personal, professional instructor from the Denver golf school after ensuring all its expertise and experience in this field.

The Language of Golf: Scoring


Golf is a sport that anyone can enjoy. New players to golf need to understand how the game is played, the language, what clubs to use, whether or not you need instruction by a professional. To learn to play golf it is necessary to learn the language…

Golf Basics for Beginners


Beginning golfers always have concerns about becoming better at the sport so that they can drop their handicaps and play with more challenging players. Many want to play in amateur tournaments…