Baz's Backpacking Blog


Blogger Baz reports on backpacking, hiking, climbing, and other outdoor activities in Britain. Excellent, detailed gear recommendations, complemented by photos, can be found here. This blog has a list of great week-long backpacking trips in the United Kingdom.

marks and sparks gluten free mini pork pies
by baz carter almost 3 years ago
merino buff – thermal
by baz carter almost 3 years ago

Just Northwest


Bloggers Brandon and Kasey studied journalism at Eastern Washington University. Here they’ve combined their loves for writing and mountain adventures. Their blog offers outdoor adventure news and reviews of destinations in the Pacific Northwest. They cover hikes, bike trails and more with videos, photos and articles.They also feature trail reviews, gear reviews.

Two-Heel Drive


Long-term passionate hiker and blogger Tom Mangan keeps this site constantly updated with a weekly hike write-up which includes pictures, a description, and a link to GPS tracks. He also posts hiking-related links specific to the North Carolina mountain region and general commentary.

The Curling News


Canada's first and only national curling newspaper. This blog totes itself as the world authority on the curling. Interesting headlines that curling enthusiasts will appreciate.

Morris announces curling sabbatical – perhaps
by AdminGK over 4 years ago
Team Shuffle 2015: Disrespect for the Brier?
by AdminGK over 4 years ago

Skip Cottage Curling


Personal views of the former editor for Scottish Curler magazine. Editorials, a diary, a look at curler players and current news.

The Last Rock with Jordan Bauldic


A fan of curling offers his opinion on everything that shapes the roaring game. Get the low-down on recent and upcoming games and tournaments.

The Curler


This blogger is a long-time curler and curling writer/broadcaster. His site features some opinion, some news, and some interviews.

Curl BC


Curl British Columbia provides services for professional and recreational curlers. Learn about competitions, special curling programs, and get the latest news in curling.

Okanagan rinks take BC Senior titles
by Rebecca Connop Price over 2 years ago
Father-daughter Cotter duo win Mixed Doubles event
by Rebecca Connop Price over 2 years ago

Wheelchair Curling Blog


A blog that compliments current news pertaining to wheelchair curling. Posts are sprinkled with nice photos. This blog has received nice reviews by the Calgary Herald.

Sports Curling - CBC.ca


Get the latest curling news from CBC's curling section of sports coverage. Read top headlines, get scores, and view photos.

TSN's Curling Coverage


Read the full story of the latest curling tournament here. TSN is a leading authority on sports news, and they offer more comprehensive coverage on curling than most other similar news sites.

Caps Corner: On the road again...
over 4 years ago
WHL: Holmberg, Chiefs edge Americans in shootout
over 4 years ago

Ian Palangio's Australian Curling Blog


This site has a surprisingly personal touch. Get a look at Aussie curling action and the inside scoop at other curling-related news and events in this country.

2013 Mixed Doubles and Senior Men's National Championships Results
by Ian Palangio almost 5 years ago

Curl With Math


Get a strategic analysis of curling using statistics. Great for curlers who are learning their game and those who are simply intrigued with the art.

McEwen Removes an Asterisk
by Kevin Palmer over 2 years ago
Epping by the Numbers
by Kevin Palmer over 2 years ago

Binky's Johnny Weir Blog


Content exclusively devoted to all things Johnny Weir until I am able to at least partially recover some semblance of interest in something else. Don't hold your breath.

A Happy Ending and...
by Binky and the Misfit Mimes over 3 years ago
Super Hero
by Binky and the Misfit Mimes over 3 years ago

Final Flight


At Final Flight you'll find everything you need to know about ladies figure skating. Readers will enjoy stunning photos and up-to-the-minute results.

Golden Skate


Not only does this blog include informative articles but it also features a forum and newsletter. You'll find a variety of resources here, including music and program info.

Zhiganshina and Gazsi dance into new directions
by Paula Slater almost 4 years ago
Razzano driven by passion and focus
by Paula Slater almost 4 years ago

Absolute Skating


News, photos, and interviews will keep you in the skating loop. Absolute Skating has all that and more, including posts on ice dance.

Figure Skaters Online


If you're looking for interviews, contests, and behind-the-scenes info, this is the blog for you. Figure Skaters Online lays it all out in an easy to read format that will keep coming back for more.

“Stars on Ice” visits 20 U.S. cities
by Figure Skaters Online about 4 years ago
Everything coming together at the right time for Douglas Razzano
by Figure Skaters Online over 4 years ago

Ice Dance


If you're craving the latest news on your favorite ice dancers, look no further. With photos, results, and even a partner search, this blog has you covered.

Q&A with Finland's Torn & Partanen
by daphnebackman@gmail.com (IDC Staff) over 2 years ago
The battle for gold in Bratislava
by daphnebackman@gmail.com (IDC Staff) over 2 years ago

International Skating Union


The International Skating Union provides information for participants and fans of the sport. Readers will enjoy posts on speed skating, pairs skating, ice dance, and more.

ISU Junior World Cup Speed Skating Series Preview
over 4 years ago

The Splat Zone


Lisa posts skating news and updates at her blog. It's a quick read, packed with information.