Chitwood Skating


This blog is written by three outstanding skaters, Will Chitwood, Chea Hutton-Chitwood, and Christina Chitwood-Parkin. All are gold medalists and share their unique perspectives on this blog.

Cascade Valley Figure Skating Club


This blog offers updates on the happenings at the Cascade Valley Figure Skating Club. Readers will also be informed of events in the Renton, Washington area.



Eskatefans is a blog made for fans of figure skating. It features news, skater spotlights, and general info.

April 21 Stories
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April 13 Stories
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Speed Skate World


This is one of the most popular sites on the Web for especially ravenous speed skating fans. It's earned its clout with consistent, late-breaking updates on athletes' successes.

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Inline Planet


For those who prefer a focus on inline speed skating, this will be their preeminent blog page. It has great features on safety and activism within the sport.

Alexandra Ianculescu


Blogger Alexandra does not shy away from proclaiming her prowess as one of speed skating's speediest athletes. You won't want to speed away from her charming site, though.

Your road to success is like driving in the dark
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Easy food fix!
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The Speedy Ice Effect


Blogger Liz has opted to major in atmospheric science while she arguably bones up for a great, live-it-to-learn-it thesis in speed skating. Her love of the sport is addictive.

Shani Davis


One of the few African-American speed skaters of note, Shani Davis made the entire world a fan with his 2010 Gold Medal. Learn more of his inner processes on this site.

Christine Nesbitt


The Olympic champion maintains a personal and inspirational blog page here. Readers can expect a frequently-updated bio and achievement feature.

Pictures from Ice Speedskating


We imagine it must be fairly difficult to take pictures of zipping racers with the same clarity and detail as the shots on this site. Take a look, and be impressed here.

Inline Skating


There's more to differentiate speed skating on the ice versus on the asphalt then just the surface material. Learn the nuances of skating off the frozen places here.

Is Inline Skating in the News?
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Build Our Sport: Adopt a Skater
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Minnesota's Twin Cities have garnered much attention as of late for its burgeoning speed skating scene. Take a tune to how the sport's progressing there with this site.

One Month Until The Apostle Island Inline Marathon
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Lilydale Trail Is Open & Repaired Sections are Repaved
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US Speedskating


This official web home page and blog for speedskating in America provides a wealth of access into the nation's relationship with the sport. It will make new fans of many a visitor.

Team USA: Speed Skating


Following this page is the best way to keep track of America's shining lights on the ice. It's frequently updated with the latest happenings to the best athletes.

Team Rainbo


Team Rainbo is America's oldest and longest-running speed skating club. This blog lets you in on just how the old-timer sustains its passion for new generations.

Apostle Island Report
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Team Rainbo Sponsors for 2014
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Speed Skate Network


This is one of the best web logs out there solely dedicated to the latest news on the ice. It's regularly updated with intriguing features you won't see on your nightly news.

Roller Speed


This blog chronicles the latest developments of one of the country's highest ranked speed skating clubs. The pictures are charming enough to make you want to get on the track.

Short Track Blog


This blog focuses on the much faster and more angular short-track version of the game. It includes a lot of posts that show skaters' lives away from the rink.

Memory. Royalty Free Music. Sad Piano Track
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High School Memories! JCHS 2012
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Sport Navigator


This site seems to be among the Web's most focused and professional blogs on the subject of competitive racing. Every post is ready to leap out of the starting gate.

Great season comes to an end
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Speedskating -- Online


This page is one of the standout speed skating news blogs out there. No way you leave this blog without knowing at least one new hot player on the rise.

Adventures of Scatman


Blogger Craig Scatman shares tales from his hiking outings in the Seattle area. In addition to profiling hikes of varying lengths in the Pacific Northwest area, this full-service blog provides tips on biking, skiing, trail running, and selecting gear for those whose love for the mountains goes beyond hiking.

Wearing the other shoe
by Scatman about 4 years ago
Caged Tiger
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Appalachia and Beyond


Robin and Tim are a couple in Tennessee who blog about their outdoor excursions and their efforts to turn their homestead into a farm. Their blog provides a list of parks for hiking in the East Tennessee area, and a section where they give more detail about visiting the parks, including historical information. They also highlight their favorite destinations, which include hikes and walks as well as fun road-side attractions.

Keep Your Dog Safe This Christmas: Learn How to Protect Your Dog From Top Holiday Hazards
by Tim Bird over 2 years ago
Things to Do On a Long Walk
by Tim Bird over 2 years ago

Backpacking in Britain


Over 170 routes for backpacking in England, Scotland, and Wales can be found at this blog, run by a few retired Brits with a good amount of mountain experience and knowledge. In particular they focus on giving information on lesser-known backpacking spots, for the more adventurous outdoors folk who seek something unexplored.

Baker's Outdoor Blog


Matt is a baker in upstate New York who is passionate about hiking. The blog provides important information such as the seven rules of “leave-no-trace,” as well as the blogger’s personal chronicles of hiking in the Adirondacks.