Cat Osterman


Cat Osterman has distinguished herself as one of softball's brightest lights. Her blog enables her fans to follow her career and rise to the top as closely as they'd like.

Cat Osterman, Megan Willis to offer clinic in Lakeway
by huyman over 4 years ago
When it Rains, It Pours… but there’s always Rainbows
by Cat Osterman almost 5 years ago

Jessica Mendoza


One of softball's most brightly shining lights and biggest hopes is Jess Mendoza. Get the skinny on what makes her so great here.

Baseball Rampage


Though titularly focusing on baseball, the site does dote on softball quite a bit. Recent articles have featured Jennie Finch and great pitching tips.

Unleash Your Swing With The Zepp Swing Tracking System
by Jackie Wolfe over 3 years ago
2015 RIP-IT Helium BBCOR Baseball Bat
by Jackie Wolfe over 3 years ago

International Softball Congress


This official page for softball worldwide is an important one for international softball fans to follow. It focuses primarily on the passage of time to the championship.

ISC 2014 Qualifier Schedule
over 4 years ago
ISC Press Release - Carrol Forbes Foundation-2013 Bursary Winners
over 4 years ago

Fastpitch Coaches


Want your daughter's coach to bring a bit more bravado to the table? Send her here to load up on the most effective and concrete tips to softball coach improvement.

Softball is life
over 3 years ago
NO Barbies
over 3 years ago

USA Softball


This blog gives softball its national, statewide due. It's a nice blog to keep track of when you want to see which American players will make it to the national team.

Active: Softball


Active.com composes a thoughtful and well-stocked softball page here. Visitors can enjoy an assemblage of helpful drills and tips on getting scouted for the big leagues.

Best Surf Blogs


Get to this blog to update yourself on the latest surfing news as soon as it hits the blogosphere. It fields news and headlines from the best surfing sites around.

Total Water Polo


Admittedly, water polo is not a nationwide sport. Aquatic athletes tend to congregate near beaches and lakes, such as in sunny California, in order to participate in the competition at its highest levels. Yet whether you live in Venice Beach or Valparaiso, Total Water Polo promises to take you into strong and well-rounded coverage of the collegiate water polo scene. Fans of the sport at the high school and Olympic levels also get regular shout outs.

TWp Poll: Azevedo, Pac-12 Player of the Century
by James Smith almost 3 years ago
WATCH: Pace Doubles Up North Springs in GA Preps
by James Smith almost 3 years ago

Top Drawer Soccer


Call it soccer, call it football, call it zucchini if you like -- just don't forget to call it one of the largest international athletic phenomena ever. Soccer (we'll stick with the American term) has taken some time to penetrate the States. But blogs like Top Drawer effectively document how the sport has made itself indelible with American youth. The site provides analysis into the top players at the college level, including features on young up-and-comers.

#Seawolves down Vermont, 1-0
over 3 years ago
McCaskill’s Heroics Upset No. 5 Florida 3-2
over 3 years ago

In the Corners


Michigan State University did not produce Wayne Gretzky. Had they done so, they would have an obvious answer for this blog's excellence and comprehensiveness. Gretzky or no, In the Corners provides a model of what a great collegiate sports page should be -- clear and passionate commentary of the ups, downs, triumphs, and tendencies to its beloved sports teams. After a few reads, don't be surprised at urges to buy an MSU sweatshirt of your own.

Digital Headbutt


While this site covers every sport seamlessly, author Mike White is a die-hard Tarheels' fan and it shows.

Best Hike


Blogger Rick’s aim is to share his extensive catalogue of hikes of varying lengths and difficulties around the world. Most of the recommended hikes are challenging, multi-day adventures, but they also suggest one-day hikes. The site is a work in progress, and they are constantly updating their hike list and accepting user submissions.

wristwatch camera drone
by Rick Mc over 2 years ago
Zion National Park, Utah
by Rick Mc over 2 years ago

Boot and Blade


This figure skating blog looks at the sport as a whole, with a special focus on Canadian skating. It is authored by Julie Szabo who is a writer and figure skating coach.

Are Figure Skating Costumes Really That Bad?
by Julie over 4 years ago
2014 European Figure Skating Championships, Budapest
by Julie over 4 years ago

Jo Ann's Figure Skating Blog


Jo Ann has been skating since childhood and has won awards in both figure skating and ice dancing. She blogs about everything from sharpening blades to becoming a skater.

Required Elements


Required Elements is a figure skating news blog written by fans of the sport. Readers will find previews, predictions, and results from a variety of events.

Life on the Edge


This blog is written from the perspective of figure skating parents Allen and Alison. They offer advice from the wisdom of 21 years in the sport.

We Are Family
by Ateam On The Edge over 2 years ago
The Most Tangible of Intangible Assets
by Ateam On The Edge over 2 years ago

Lake Placid Skater


This blogger is a figure skater and a speed skater - a powerful combination! The blog focuses on skating events in Lake Placid, New York, and the surrounding area.

REVIEW: New Riedell Aria Skates
by Christie Sausa over 3 years ago
Links and Photos
by Christie Sausa almost 4 years ago

Art on Ice


Art on Ice is a community blog that promotes Italian and European figure skating. The site is available in Italian and English languages and features photos, interviews, and TV schedules.

Banner Piazza grande
over 4 years ago
Michal Březina: “I feel lucky for who I am and what I’m doing. Life gave me so much”
over 4 years ago

Raising Figure Skaters


This blog is all about what its title implies - raising figure skaters. Parents of young skaters will find advice, encouragement, product recommendations, and more.

Best Motherhood Quotes
by Deb Chitwood over 2 years ago
“The Teacher” Montessori Word Art Freebie
by Deb Chitwood over 2 years ago

The Manleywoman Skatecast


This blog features show notes from the Manleywoman Skatecast podcast. It covers everything from the US Nationals to the Ice Capades.

Why I need to take a break
by allison over 3 years ago
Episode #82: Parker Pennington
by allison over 3 years ago



Sk8Strong is a blog that offers exercise routines for figure skaters. It is written by Lauren Downes who works at Performance Rehab and skates in her spare time.

Thoughts on the 2014 US National Figure Skating Championships
by Lauren over 4 years ago