Successful Teaching


Pat was a public school teacher for 30 years with focus on special education. This blog is full of useful information - it's candid, wise, and best of all, Pat's passion for her career and students comes through in every post.

Useful Information In and Out of the Classroom 2/12/16
by Pat Hensley over 2 years ago
Moth Repellent
by Pat Hensley over 2 years ago

ADD Student


The author of this blog is a mother of three children diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and has created this blog to share her experiences and knowledge on education and ADD. If you are a parent or teacher, this blog provides exceptional information and support links to help you successfully teach and work with ADD and ADHD children.

Free Webinar Training for ADHD Teen Parents!
by DeShawn Wert over 4 years ago
Minding the Gap! CDC Report Finds Treatment Gap
by DeShawn Wert over 4 years ago

PCI Education


This blog is only one of the many resources offered by PCI Education, the leaders in tools, methodology, and support for teachers of special needs children and students with learning disabilities. Popular posts include suggestions for creating learning spaces that are conducive to special needs, career development opportunities for special needs educators, tips for addressing individual learning disabilities.

Special Education Law Blog


This blog is maintained by a lawyer who wishes to increase public knowledge of special needs children and the law regarding their education. This is a good resource for educators and parents to keep abreast of current litigation and policy regarding special education.

COPAA Announces Inaugural Students' Rights Initiative Symposium
by Charles Fox over 2 years ago
Is Google Illegally Spying On Your Student?
by Charles Fox over 2 years ago

SMD Teacher


Alicia has been teaching students with multiple needs for more than 14 years. Read her blog for anecdotes and classroom techniques.

Eliminating the Box


Monica has been teaching middle school for more than fourteen years and now she teaches students with multiple needs. Her blog is filled with a bounty of educational information that she has garnered, composed and organized over the past decade.

One Word 2016
by noreply@blogger.com (Monica) over 2 years ago
Great Video - Aided Language Stimulation Explained
by noreply@blogger.com (Monica) almost 3 years ago

Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords


Pictures can say a 1000 words, but what does a parent do when there their children don't speak? This blog is maintained by a successful non-fiction author who is exploring parenthood with a child diagnosed with autism.

The Peril of Appropriation
by noreply@blogger.com (Rob Rummel-Hudson) about 4 years ago
The Things We Know
by noreply@blogger.com (Rob Rummel-Hudson) about 4 years ago

No Limits To Learning


This overqualified teacher/blogger/techie/musician has a way of combining all of his talents and into a single area: school. His main passion is just helping people succeed, and he is able to do this through modern teaching technologies.

Apps for Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism and Video Task Cueing, QR Codes and iBeacons
by Lon about 3 years ago

Jerry's Special Education Blog


Jerry is all about helping his fellow educators. He fills his about.com blog lists of strategies and tips for teaching special ed. See his recent post that asks the question, "Does structure make a difference?".

Art Projects and Dot to Dots for Spring
about 4 years ago
Is Anyone Responsible?
about 4 years ago

Bilingual Special Ed


Claudia Rinaldi understands the importance of equal education opportunities. She is focused on giving bilingual equal chances for learning. But when disabilities are mixed in with the language barrier, learning become even harder than most can imagine. Visit Rinaldi's blog for advice and help in specific area.

Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Use Peer Mediated Learning in All Classes
by Claudia Rinaldi over 4 years ago
Free webinar April 30 at 2 pm of Learning in Two Languages in Early Childhood
by Claudia Rinaldi over 4 years ago

Your Mama's Mad Tedious: Diary of a Bronx Teacher


This special educator does not have as much experience as most of the other bloggers we've found, but she still has what really matters. What's that? You might ask. Passion and persistence. Her blog focuses on her life as a special educator.

Autism and Stubbornness
by Chrissy G over 4 years ago

Special Needs Resource Magazine


Cindy Golden has been teaching special education for more than thirty years. She has worked as a Special Education Supervisor overseeing the Autism and Emotional/Behavioral Disorders programs, taken the role of school psychologist, and held a number of other positions. A frequent speaker at education conferences, Cindy's expertise and experience is widely sought after. Her blog is a well-rounded resource for all teachers of students with disabilities.

Thrive On the Autism Spectrum


Patricia is fantastic at multi-tasking. She built this blog so she could combine her two other websites, Social Skills for Kids and Coach for Asberger's. She writes for everybody who is involved with a person who has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disabilities.

Special 2 Me


While this teacher and blogger will charm you with her intelligent somewhat personal but always professional blog posts. She has decided to make her world and thoughts public as she plans out her lessons and thinks through her days.

Should I or Shouldn’t I?
by Special Ed over 2 years ago
Like I Used To!
by Special Ed over 2 years ago

EBD Blog


From Autism to ADD and other disabilities, this blog discusses emotional and behavioral disorders. It also deals with the education of individuals who are suffering, as well as treatment and breaking relative news.

The rights of the unvaccinated child by Professor D. R. Reiss
by JohnL over 4 years ago
Plait on Kouric’s mea culpa
by JohnL over 4 years ago

Teacher Sol


One exceptional needs specialist and teacher offers her insight on current news and the school system. She also offers advice and helpful resources for other special ed teachers and caregivers.

Donate to #FirstBook2Philippines on #GivingTuesday
by Maria Angala over 2 years ago
#FirstBook2Philippines Participates in #GivingTuesday
by Maria Angala over 2 years ago

Special Needs Truth '08


The origination of this blog is rather funny. As one might recognize from the title, this blog was started to cover the 2008 Presidential Election and especially to compare the candidates records in regards to their standing on special needs issues. However, the author decided to keep the blog going after the election ended, and now the blog covers news, politics, and other interesting articles relating to special ed. This site's a shining light for those who want better for their special needs children.

PediaStaff Blog


The PediaStaff blog is designed for school based speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and parent of special ed students. The blog aggregates special ed and therapy news, features therapy ideas and activities, and lots of articles by pediatric therapists.

Worth Repeating: Dyslexia and the English Learner Dilemma
by Heidi about 4 years ago
Paralyzed Men Move Legs Following Spinal Shock Treatment
by Heidi about 4 years ago

Hear My Hands


HearMyHands provides great resources to learn American Sign Language for parents, teachers and therapists. The Sign of the Day provides ways to incorporate a new sign every day. What's the Sign Wednesday allows for the fans to suggest a desired sign.

sign: CURIOUS for CURIOUS George. That's what we're reading right now.
by HearMyHands over 4 years ago
sign: SANTA. Little fingers learned to sign SANTA in ASL. Bonus: SANTA crafts
by HearMyHands over 4 years ago

Best Practice Autism


The objective of this site is to advocate, educate, and inform by providing a best practice guide to the screening, assessment, and intervention for school-age children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Timely articles and postings include topics such as screening, evaluation, positive behavior support (PBS), self-management, educational planning, IEP development, gender differences, evidence-based interventions (EBI) and more. This site also features up-to-date information on scientifically validated treatment options for children with ASD and a list of best practice books, articles, and links to organizations. Designed to be a practical and useful resource, bestpracticeautism.com offers essential information for psychologists, teachers, counselors, advocates and attorneys, special education professionals, and parents.

Children with Autism More Likely to Wander
by Lee Wilkinson over 2 years ago
ASHA Approved Online Continuing Education Autism Course
by Lee Wilkinson over 2 years ago

Autism Tank


Autism resources and support from a special education teacher with first-hand experience.

Breezy Special Ed


I blog about my high school low incidence special education classroom. We work on a lot of functional life skills and I currently teach Language Arts, Math, US History, Consumer Economics, Vocational and Health classes.

Career Exploration: Vocational Daily Questions, Job Posters, Interest Inventories and more!
by Brie H over 2 years ago
God's Love - Adapted and Interactive Books for Special Needs Ministry
by Brie H over 2 years ago

Special Education: Conflict or Collaboration?


As a special education professional and consultant, I have seen and experienced firsthand the issues that result in frustration and burnout for so many professionals and parents. This blog is intended to be an honest conversation about how differing needs, desires, and perspectives can either create conflict or promote collaboration.