Kirsten's Central America Travel


It can be tempting to skip Central America's connective countries and head straight to Brazil and Argentina. Kirsten safeguards you from missing out on C.A.'s treasures.

Stoke Land


Blogger David Miller lives in Argentina and has been commended for his great writing on the country. Turn here before that big trip to Buenos Aires.

Yom Kippur juxtaposition [2014]
by dm over 3 years ago

Seashells and Sunflowers


Blogger Katie, from Buenos Aires, arrived at the Argentinian hotspot from Philadelphia and really never left. Every post she writes examples her indelible love for the city.

...en Peru


Thought about looking up info on Lima, but settled for eating Lima beans instead? Nix the legumes and get the real thing, with this blog's expert counsel.

Inti Aperture


This blog chronicles the adventures of an American living it up in Lima, Peru. What goes on in those travels is exciting enough to make readers want to join the blogger.

An American in Lima


Blogger Barbara Drake decided a few years ago to blog about her pleasure in living in Lima. She writes with a true sense of compassion for the beautiful but beleaguered land.

Hot Avocado


A young rubia, or red-head, decided to leave America and learn how to love a new culture in Chile. Her blog will inspire you to take up similar chutzpah and get into the country.

Made in Brazil


Brazil is reputed to have one of the most booming economies and cultures in the world right now. Traveling there? Shore up your knowledge on the land here.

Ecuador Adventures


This blog will get you to ignore any Ecuadorean info that doesn't come straight from the source. All the writing and advice from this blog is derived directly from the land.

We Roam Around


Our travel blog of 3 months in South America including Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Galapagos, Bolivia, Argentina & Brazil

Secrets Marquis Los Cabos Mexico
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From A Seat With A View


From A Seat With A View is a new and exciting travel blog chronicling the adventures of two friends as they explore the Andes, coastal deserts and mountains of South America. Their stories extend beyond the traditional route of sight-seeing tourism, providing unforgettable photographs and experiences of the South American wild.



An inspiring travel blog for women travellers. Three years ago I left my office job in Spain to travel long term. Follow me as I travel mostly around South America.

Photo Essay: Market Life in San Jose, Costa Rica
by Bianca Bauza over 2 years ago
Walking From Barichara to Guane on the Camino Real
by Bianca Bauza over 2 years ago