Logic + Emotion


The title of this blog refers to the magically delicious recipe which, one could hypothesize, is the true secret to effective and indelible marketing schemes. Blogger David harnesses his Pratt-educated aesthetic and technique to the service of provoking his readers with spot-on and insightful posts that discuss great marketing. Students and currently marketing professionals alike will find a trove of tips and analyses here that might lead to an epiphany.

Hero, Hub and Hygiene: Where Marketing Meets Publishing
by David Armano over 2 years ago
Building A Modern Brand: Strategy, Creativity and Agility
by David Armano over 2 years ago

MarketingProfs Daily Fix


More than three hundred experts are called upon to contribute to this site's five weekly, exceptional posts. Each posting functions as a marketing masterclass.

Simply Zesty


This is the blog to beeline to when looking to upgrade your business from bland to, well, zesty. Think of the head writers like great chefs who make SPAM taste golden.



The simple yet stylized title of this blog reflects its equally clean yet attractive content on smart marketing. Students can steep themselves in great ideas here.

The business case for unbranded content
by Mark Schaefer over 2 years ago
Why marketing today takes courage
by Mark Schaefer over 2 years ago

Fresh Networks


When you need a primer on social media and how it intersects with marketing, head here first. The writers stock the blog with the most salient business headlines.

Geoff Livingston


Blogger Geoff moonlights as a photographer. He lends that same picture-perfect sensibility to his site, built on a passion for smart marketing.

Forced Narratives
by Geoff Livingston over 2 years ago
RIP Spammy Twitter Marketers (#RIPTwitter)
by Geoff Livingston over 2 years ago



This blog helps large companies determine how to infuse new technology into their marketing schemes. Twitter, Google, and True Blood have made for trendy posts here.

Land’s End Drops Gloria Steinem, #HelpKenyaNotKanye
by BL Ochman over 2 years ago
Google Docs adds very good Voice Typing
by BL Ochman over 2 years ago

Danny Brown


This blogger looks to humanize social media and make marketing more sociable with each post. This tenderness doesn't mean that it skimps on the requisite toughness, though.

Love’s Journey (Or Living Life Right)
by Danny Brown over 2 years ago
The Three Core Tenets Every Successful Blogger Needs to Have
by Danny Brown over 2 years ago

V3 Integrated Marketing


V3 was formed based on the premise that doing great work and having fun in the process need not be mutually exclusive. To say that we’re passionate about our clients is an understatement. We’re the geeks who go to sleep thinking about our clients’ businesses and the nerds who wake up in the morning still thinking. Those people put their marketing challenges, their ideas, their problems and their hopes and dreams in our hands and count on us. They count on us to get it right. And we do.

Influencer Marketing? FTC Guidelines That Brands and Bloggers Need to Know
by Shelly Kramer over 2 years ago
What drives digital transformation: Technology or strategy?
by Dan Newman over 2 years ago

Search Earned Marketing


A blog about earned media and a common sense to marketing. We will show how and why people who do not know anything about search rank and earn traffic

The Next Scoop


The Next Scoop is an Internet Marketing Blog, providing an benchmark news, tips and information related to Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Updates, Google Algorithm updates and Reputation Management.

Stunited Blog


STUNITED is one of the world’s most comprehensive networking platform for the students, educational organizations, professionals and related businesses.

5 Pros and Cons of Social Media in the Classroom


Social media is such an important part of modern society, especially for students. In many schools, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are blocked on school computers while some schools have started taking a different approach by including social media into the educational system.

Don on Selling


"Passionate about selling, marketing and social media." Author of "Advice for New Salespeople: Tips to Help your Sales Career," an e-book available on Amazon at http://buff.ly/1G0E4em via @amazon.

Bubbly Blog


Bubbly app enhances your voice sharing experience. Express yourself through voice blogs only on Bubbly app in your favorite language and share it socially.



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