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"Futbol Futbol Futbol" was started to bring awareness to South American football as there were few other good sources for South American football coverage in the English speaking media.



This is a refreshing, delightful and funny blog. You will find something new to read about football/soccer every time you visit. Very quirky, fun atmosphere here.

The real stars hit the casino for a bet
by Futbolita over 2 years ago
How to place your first online bet on a football match
by Futbolita almost 3 years ago

Hasta El Gol Siempre


Sam Kelly is the owner/author of this soccer blog. He is a writer on the subject and started this bog as a venue to shares his thoughts and opinions on the going-ons in the soccer world. I just can't get enough of this blog.

2016 Primera preview: round 5
by hastaelgolsiempre over 2 years ago
2016 Primera, fourth round: all the goals
by hastaelgolsiempre over 2 years ago

Football in the Clouds


I am an English teacher and football/travel writer or blogger or journalist or gobshite depending on your opinion. I plan to write match reports, player profiles, articles and stories about the great game and my life in Quito, Ecuador. Hopefully I will get to Brazil 2014 for the World Cup. Sadly i don’t think my country (Scotland) will be joining me although “hope springs eternal”.

by ali mclauchlan about 4 years ago
World Cup moments : Gio in Rio (nah it was South Africa)
by ali mclauchlan about 4 years ago

Copa America 2015 Live streaming


Copa 2015 Live streaming. Copa america 2015 is a major internatonal football event which is going to held at chile. Watch Copa 2016 live streaming here