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Cristiano Ronaldo 101 This is Cristiano Ronaldo's fansite. Here you will find all you need to know about this famously talented soccer player. His biography, news, pictures ,videos and many posts are all here for your reading pleasure. And oh, there is some snip its of soccer news!

Ronaldo Soccer Prediction


This blog provides free soccer predictions for fans all around the world. The author of this blog has many years of experience in soccer prediction and much of his writing is based on statistics.

Headers and Volleys


Mr. Pye started this blog so he could express his views and opinion on a sport that is so dear to him. This is a very well written blog with fantastic posts on this world wide sport and phenomenon.

Ghost Goal


This blog was developed mainly because the authors were disappointed with the subject matter discussed about soccer in the media. Here they have a forum to allow fans to decide what they want to hear about and talk about concerning their favorite sport---soccer.

Training advisers need to realise journalism is changing
by Adam Bate over 4 years ago

In Bed with Maradona


The soccer stories from the past to the present are abundant here from all over the world. The blog is very well organized and easy to navigate.

The Ball Is Round


The author/blogger of site has written 6 books about traveling abroad to watch football/soccer. He shares his experiences and thoughts on his favorite sport here with all.

Just the (fake) ticket
by stuartnoel about 4 years ago
Landon who?
by stuartnoel about 4 years ago

Equaliser Football


The posts here are very well written but its the photos that accompany them that really win me over--they are amazing. You will find current soccer news along with a terrific section titled, "20 Greatest Managers".

In the Stands


This blog is written by a group of friends who decided to write about the funny and serious sides of football instead of just talking about it. They are from different areas of the world so you get very different opinions on their favorite sport soccer.

England dependent on Liverpool core for success in Brazil 2014
by admin about 4 years ago
Injury Zone: Who would be the biggest loss for England?
by admin about 4 years ago

Defensive Minded


This blog is all about the defensive position in soccer/football. Here you can read about the very under-appreciated art of defending.

Football Commentator


You will find information on your favorite World Soccer teams here. Posts cover topics like recent matches, soccer protests and strikes, betting, and more.

Gooner Get Ya


This blog is written by a soccer fan/supporter living in Scotland. He is a member of the Arsenal Scotland Supporters Club and blogs about his many trips to the games. He invites you to read his posts and welcomes comments.

The State of Things
by Gooner Get Ya over 2 years ago
Testing Blogger
by Gooner Get Ya over 2 years ago

Two Liverpool Fans


This blog is written by two teenagers who love the sport of soccer. They report on matches and current events. They provide reviews and previews along with highlights.

Confessions of a Liverpudlian
by Fernando Chow almost 3 years ago
Rodgers Making the Right Moves
by Stats are Everything about 3 years ago

The Music of Soccer


This is a beautiful soccer blog. The photos taken in Africa are inspiring. Also this blog is jam packed with football/soccer information from highlights to results to soccer news; it's all here for your viewing.

A Cheetahs Fan Blog


This blog is about passion and love for Hougang United Football Club. It's about connecting with the players of Hougang United and also about the people who run the S-league week-in week-out. And most importantly, it is about creating a community amongst Hougang United fans and supporters.

by A Cheetahs Fan over 4 years ago

Sport Wallpapers | Sport Snapshot


Football Player Wallpapers, Best Football Teams with pictures and wallpapers.

Football's Lost Prodigies


Have you ever wondered what happened to the kid that was meant to be the savior of your club? The one whose reputation as the next Maradona was born in a strange game of Chinese whispers on the terraces. The one who was tearing up the reserves and youth team only to disappear from memory as quickly as they came. Here at Football’s Lost Prodigies we are looking to tell the stories of the ones that never quite made it. The players who had extreme bad luck with injury, those that got involved in crime and those that were never that good anyway. Because everybody has a story to tell.

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