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This site reports on the happenings on the Liverpool soccer scence. Here you will find current news and great match reports. Liverpool fans can join in a discussion forum to keep involved with their club.

Liverpool drawn against Manchester United in Europa League
by Anfield Online over 2 years ago
Liverpool 1-0 Augsburg: Reds go through to the last 16
by Ian Sweeney over 2 years ago

The Two Unfortunates


This is a place where all can share their opinions, thoughts and views on all things Championship-related. Those who have an interest in the second tier of English football can come here for all the news and information on their league.

The Argument: Time to Stop Assuming Football Fans are all Thugs
by Susan Gardiner over 2 years ago
The Argument: In the TV Money Era, Don’t Forget the Matchgoing Fan
by The Two Unfortunates over 2 years ago

Football Express


The Football Express covers topics in football that aren’t a high priority for the English Press. The blog focusses on England and Italy, but it also covers the rest of Europe and other parts of the world.

State Of The Game


State of the Game was started in 2005 as a ranting point about some of the issues that kept cropping up in the game, mainly in the UK but eventually we spread our net all over the world. After a few years the glamour of highly paid football writing jobs for other media companies meant that SOTG went dormant, alseep but not dead, waiting for a revival. Now, we’re back doing what we wanted to when we first started this site all those years ago, many of the same themes are still running through the British and European games but we’ve got a few new faces to write about and a few old grudges to ramp back up again. It’s an exciting time for everyone connected to State of the Game. We are always looking for new contributors to State of the Game from all over the world so no matter which team or country you support please get in touch and get your views and opinions online for football fans to pick over and discuss.

Should Sherwood Accept Blame for Spurs’ Malaise?
by David Fox over 4 years ago
Israel To Be Removed From FIFA?
by Benito Fisher over 4 years ago

View from a Blue


Manchester City Blog offering match previews, player ratings and match reports! We offer exclusive interviews with top football pundits and famous Man City supporters!!

City EDS 1 – 1 Sunderland – Match Report
by View From A Blue almost 4 years ago
MAN CITY 3 – 1 Liverpool – MY THOUGHTS
by View From A Blue almost 4 years ago

Football Funniest


Funny football videos, photos, interesting articles and more - all funny football stuff



Soccerific is a soccer blog that focuses on Chelsea FC's journey through the English Premier League and European Cups. We also occasionally get off topic focusing on other top European Clubs and comparing them to Chelsea.

Beyond The Ninety Minutes


Beyond The Ninety Minutes is an endeavour by a group of like-minded football enthusiasts who seek to probe deeper into the world of football and offer their personal views, thoughts and opinions on the beautiful game. Beyond The Ninety Minutes was started in January 2012, and since then we have been aiming to provide our readers with carefully weighed views and astute tactical analysis on the world’s most famous sport.

Matchday Musings: Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal
by Ian Troyan about 4 years ago
Manchester United rises on the European stage but for how much longer?
by Mike Njoroge over 4 years ago

Just Another Football Blog


Thought-Provoking Ramblings of a Football Fan. In Blog Form.

Soccer Yanks with Dave and Dan


We are two American’s, armed to the teeth with opinions about soccer, or um, rather, football. We’ll rant most about the BPL, but have no fear, the rest of the footballing world will not be spared of our opinions.