Equaliser Football


The posts here are very well written but its the photos that accompany them that really win me over--they are amazing. You will find current soccer news along with a terrific section titled, "20 Greatest Managers".

In the Stands


This blog is written by a group of friends who decided to write about the funny and serious sides of football instead of just talking about it. They are from different areas of the world so you get very different opinions on their favorite sport soccer.

England dependent on Liverpool core for success in Brazil 2014
by admin about 4 years ago
Injury Zone: Who would be the biggest loss for England?
by admin about 4 years ago

The Football Ramble Blog


This blog has become the biggest independent sport podcast in the world of soccer. This site has faithful fans that follow their team's every move. You will find the latest news on everything to do with the world of soccer.



This is a refreshing, delightful and funny blog. You will find something new to read about football/soccer every time you visit. Very quirky, fun atmosphere here.

The real stars hit the casino for a bet
by Futbolita over 2 years ago
How to place your first online bet on a football match
by Futbolita almost 3 years ago

Hasta El Gol Siempre


Sam Kelly is the owner/author of this soccer blog. He is a writer on the subject and started this bog as a venue to shares his thoughts and opinions on the going-ons in the soccer world. I just can't get enough of this blog.

2016 Primera preview: round 5
by hastaelgolsiempre over 2 years ago
2016 Primera, fourth round: all the goals
by hastaelgolsiempre over 2 years ago

Football Express


The Football Express covers topics in football that aren’t a high priority for the English Press. The blog focusses on England and Italy, but it also covers the rest of Europe and other parts of the world.

Defensive Minded


This blog is all about the defensive position in soccer/football. Here you can read about the very under-appreciated art of defending.



This is a great soccer blog to get the latest news, highlights, schedules and results on your favorite soccer league across the European continent. Very well written posts are found here.

Football Commentator


You will find information on your favorite World Soccer teams here. Posts cover topics like recent matches, soccer protests and strikes, betting, and more.



Finally, a soccer blog written from a female perspective. You will read all about the world of soccer from true fans. I love the gossip!

Tito Vilanova
by Aya Krisht about 4 years ago

Gooner Get Ya


This blog is written by a soccer fan/supporter living in Scotland. He is a member of the Arsenal Scotland Supporters Club and blogs about his many trips to the games. He invites you to read his posts and welcomes comments.

The State of Things
by Gooner Get Ya over 2 years ago
Testing Blogger
by Gooner Get Ya over 2 years ago

Two Liverpool Fans


This blog is written by two teenagers who love the sport of soccer. They report on matches and current events. They provide reviews and previews along with highlights.

Confessions of a Liverpudlian
by Fernando Chow over 2 years ago
Rodgers Making the Right Moves
by Stats are Everything almost 3 years ago

Back Page Football


The purpose of this blog is to provide articles on every aspect of football. You will read articles from younger journalists to pros who have been reporting on football for their whole lives to enthusiastic fans.

Things that have happened since Eden Hazard last scored a Premier League goal
by Up Front over 2 years ago
Liverpool’s Lucas receives the defending seal of approval from Irish legend
by Up Front over 2 years ago

Box Office Football


Here is a soccer blog with posts that have the latest news and updates on what's happening in the international soccer league. It's very well written and I look forward to reading it every week.

Now this goal you must see!
by Gazza about 3 years ago
Footballers Cars the Cool and Crazy part 2
by Gazza about 3 years ago

Football Report


A very outgoing, expressive blog on the world's greatest sport: soccer! You will find podcasts, live scores and all the latest news on your favorite team.

Colombians, Stars & Stripes at the Cottage: Captured by...
over 3 years ago
LEAKED: FIFA Ethics Report Revealed Word spread across global...
over 3 years ago

The Music of Soccer


This is a beautiful soccer blog. The photos taken in Africa are inspiring. Also this blog is jam packed with football/soccer information from highlights to results to soccer news; it's all here for your viewing.

The Unofficial TFC Blog


Thoughts and analysis on Toronto FC & MLS news, rumors with additional thoughts on CONCACAF Champions League, CONCACAF and global soccer news.

Teeth Whitening Tips From Manhattan Beach Dentist
by Britney over 4 years ago

Soccerball 365


News from top 5 European Leagues, UEFA Champions League and all International competitions.Photos, videos, funny, statistics and much more...

VIDEO: UEFA Champions League Final: Real Madrid 4-1 Atletico Madrid
by Dino about 4 years ago
VIDEO: Bundesliga: Greuther Furth 1-1 HSV
by Dino about 4 years ago



watch how Messi and beckam plays and stop being a looser

Football top news


This blog is devoted to news, sports and football. The latest news football transfers, rumors and facts.

UEFA Euro Finals Squads


list of all time squads of the countries at the European football championships from 1960 to 2008

The Header


Think soccer! Smart and vital soccer writing; all the ingredients for the sharp soccer brain