The Offside


The Offside takes a different look, you might say an "off" look at club football from leagues around the world. If there is a scandal They'll be stuck in the middle of it. This site will find the out of ordinary to interesting things happening in the MLS to keep you informed and laughing.

Online Soccer Academy


This is America's first and premier on-line soccer academy. Their motto is that if an athlete believes in themselves and works hard that anything can happen.

Ginge Talks The Footy


Here you'll enjoy Ginge's perspective on the world of football, with a side of music and pop culture thrown in for added depth and insigte into the exciting world of soccer.

My response to Ann Coulter’s anti-soccer post
by The Ginge almost 4 years ago

Top Drawer Soccer


Call it soccer, call it football, call it zucchini if you like -- just don't forget to call it one of the largest international athletic phenomena ever. Soccer (we'll stick with the American term) has taken some time to penetrate the States. But blogs like Top Drawer effectively document how the sport has made itself indelible with American youth. The site provides analysis into the top players at the college level, including features on young up-and-comers.

#Seawolves down Vermont, 1-0
over 3 years ago
McCaskill’s Heroics Upset No. 5 Florida 3-2
over 3 years ago

The Offside


The Offside is jam-packed with news for all things soccer, focusing most of its content on the MLS. It's knowledgeable, funny, and is updated constantly so fans can always stay in the loop. So whether you're a fan of DC United, the Sounders, or the Chicago Fire, this website has it all!

Climbing the Ladder


Started in 2004, this blog is fresh, ESPN-ish and full of great posts relevant to all things MLS. Almost every post includes easy-on-the-eyes statistics about things like team rankings, player shots on goal, who's getting the most red cards, etc. There is even a sidebar categorizing the type of statistics for anyone who's interested.

101 Great Goals


There are so many great things about this blog, but we'll just name a few. On the home page are streaming videos and clips of amazing soccer highlights from around the world. If you click on the MLS tab, you get only news from our side of the world. If you click on the Spain tab, you can read about Real Madrid and Barcelona. If you click on England... well, you get the picture now. This is the all-encompassing blog for soccer fans across the world.

Arsenal to sell Olivier Giroud this summer for his smuggling women into hotel rooms [Sunday Sun]
by Arthur Antunes Coimbra about 4 years ago
Chelsea’s Romelu Lukaku is a £40m target for Tottenham and Arsenal [Mail on Sunday]
by Arthur Antunes Coimbra about 4 years ago

Major League Soccer Fan Blog


It's all in the title. The author loves soccer and has created a blog to satisfy every soccer fan's deepest wants and desires. He categorizes each team so if you're looking for news on, let's say, the Kansas City Wizards, boom... you're one click away from getting all the news related to their squad.

MLS Talk


Here is your source for soccer news and analysis updated daily! They cover everything MLS-related and have a video browser ESPN-style in case you're not in the mood to do any reading (don't worry, we won't judge you). Each post contains either a streaming video or beautiful pictures of various players doing what they do best... kick!

USA’s Christian Pulisic living the German league dream at Dortmund
by AFP over 2 years ago
Manchester City vs. Liverpool predicted lineups and team news
by Ayo Isaiah over 2 years ago

MLS Rumors


This blog tracks rumors of player transfers and expansion news, as well as posting interviews and showing videos and game schedules. It's an all-inclusive look at the scope of the MLS. There's even audio that you can stream and listen to if you're not in the mood to read.

Daily MLS Rumors - Aritz Aduriz is on MLS radar
by Rumor Mill over 2 years ago
Daily MLS Rumors - Cristiano Ronaldo Transfer Prioritised over Lionel Messi by Orlando City Owner
by Rumor Mill over 2 years ago

The Best Eleven


The Best Eleven is obviously a reference to the number of soccer players (per team) on the field at once. The blog posts youtube videos of amazing kicks and goals to one times, interviews and even anime soccer recreations. The guys who invented this blog really know their soccer, listing stats, proposing changes to future world cups, and even posting photos of various stadiums as seen by Google Maps.

Euro 2016 Qualifying Upsets
by noreply@blogger.com (Steve) almost 4 years ago
FIFA Best/Worst Ranking - August 2014
by noreply@blogger.com (Steve) almost 4 years ago

The Offside Rules


There are so many aspects of even a single sport. This blog does a great job covering all those aspects. Mostly there are videos of player interviews, great goalie saves as well as goalies getting torn apart by lethal kicks from great forwards in the league. You won't miss a step (no pun intended) by following The Offside Rules regularly.

Pro Player Pipeline


Joe Mauceri is a soccer junkie and has dedicated this blog primarily to following soccer prospects in the U.S. It's interesting to see who's being considered the next big thing, the next Michael Jordan of soccer. There are nationwide rankings for each position and a day-by-day documenting of the MLS Combine (a must read for other soccer junkies out there!).

Soccer America


Soccer America covers the nitpicky details about soccer, including the MLS, World Cup and other teams across the world. There are newsletters, subscriptions to the blog and even a store to buy all your favorite soccer memorabilia.

Soccer on TV
about 4 years ago
What They're Saying
about 4 years ago

Footie Business


Ben Berger is an attorney out of Connecticut whose passion takes the form of... (wait for it), soccer, of course! His blog is great because not only does it provide readers with news and rumors, but focuses on the business aspect of the game (that's that lawyer mentality kicking in). If you, too, are interested in the business side of soccer, here's a great blog to indulge in.

Closing the Book
by Ben Berger over 4 years ago
Trivia Time
by Ben Berger over 4 years ago

American Soccer News


The blog is a collection of individuals who love the game of soccer unconditionally and want to see it grow in the U.S. "It is clear that for the professional game to succeed in the U.S., we need more fans," they state in their About Me. Well, soccer fans, this is your calling to gather your friends, take them to this site and convert them into hardcore soccer addicts unable to pry themselves from the TV because they can't get enough of watching beautiful one times and corners and fantastic saves!

Wondolowski rescues short-handed Quakes against Chivas USA
by iyeo over 4 years ago
Galaxy, Sounders battle to Draw
by iyeo almost 5 years ago

Attacking Soccer


The site is headed by two soccer fanatics who have been playing the game since they were little kids. One of them writes from Ireland, the other from L.A. This makes for an interesting combination, as you get viewpoints from two different continents! The pair talks about everything from MLS to soccer around the globe, and they post fantastic videos almost daily.

Brilliant Dominick Kumbela Bi-Cycle Kick v Mainz
by Anto11 about 4 years ago
Funny Moment When Celtic Fan Falls Through a Gate Celebrating an Off-Side Goal
by Anto11 about 4 years ago

From a Left Wing - Soccer and Sports Polemics


What an ingenious name for a blog! From a Left Wing focuses on soccer and, at times, politics (I'm sure you can guess which side the author sides with). A great feature of this blog is the online podcast, called The People's Game, located on the left side of the tool bar. There's also a big emphasis on women's soccer.

From a Left Wing has retired, Long Live The Sport Spectacle
by Jennifer Doyle over 4 years ago

Two Footed Tackle


Two Footed Tackle focuses on all areas of soccer with an emphasis on the MLS, Premier League and the Football League. The site was launched in January 2008. The opinions range from "extremely cynical to the gloriously bright-eyed, from Premier League title race excitement to bitter non-league conversion." So yes, the blog is funny, powerful in its voice and very entertaining.

No Short Corners


Greg Selzter and Sean O'Conor team up (from across the Atlantic Ocean) to deliver a blog about their musings on the greatest sport of all time. They cover every league imaginable as well as post videos of things like Goal of the Week Nominees and other highlights. They update their blog frequently so there are always new things to check out.

Two Great Reads
by Greg Seltzer about 4 years ago
The Win Crowd
by Greg Seltzer about 4 years ago

World Soccer Reader


Since launching its site in the spring of 2008, World Soccer Reader has grown into a leading soccer news and analysis site here in the U.S. According to their About page, WSR staffs over 30 writers and airs 10 podcasts providing in-depth coverage of world soccer. The blog is comprehensive and you can get lost in there for days, there's that much to cover!

Soccer Mastermind


In addition to focusing on the MLS, this blog outlines in great detail tips and techniques on how to improve your own soccer game. There are ample articles on drills, psychology, equipment, the science of soccer, warming up, etc. If you are trying to prepare for a big game, making the club team or just want to impress your friends or the girl you like, then this blog is for you!

10,000 Hours to the Premier League
by Thomas almost 4 years ago
Soccer Drills: Musical Soccer Balls
by Thomas about 4 years ago

Soccer Coaching Blog


This blog is awesome, in that it provides the readers with drills to improve your all-around game. It has instructional videos with trainers demonstrating things like corner kicks, or how to develop play from the back of the field. There are also ample diagrams for further explanation.

Messi Talks To Barca Youth Team Captains U10-U17
by David Clarke over 2 years ago
‘Anticipation’ is key in player development
by David Clarke over 2 years ago

Soccer by Ives


MF USA discusses MLS games in depth as well as announces upcoming games. If you missed the action of your favorite team, this is a great resource (it's not like ESPN is giving soccer its due justice, still!). The authors also provide highlights from the games.

The Yanks Are Coming


The Yanks Are Coming focuses solely on MLS soccer - games, highlights, player stories and the overall league itself. They have a great archive for past articles and are constantly updating the blog based on the number of games and news that's occurring in each week.

Whiney Limey: Newcastle Corpse Springs to Life For Halloween
by Guy Bailey over 3 years ago
Why Your Team Won’t Win the MLS Cup
by Andrew Marcinko over 3 years ago