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Can't get that cheap flight to London in time for the big game? Read this blog, and take free "travels to the soul and heartbeat of English football."

New website
by robert campion about 4 years ago
Another case of catching up...
by robert campion over 4 years ago

Alex Caulfield


Alex Caulfield has been a sports industry professional for many years. He writes about how soccer has impacted our lives, politics, war, almost every facet of the human experience making it the most captivating sport there is.

Beer and Soccer


This site is this site is a work of satire so do not be offended if they make fun of something you love. the main object of this site is to make fun of anything involving the sport we love in the country that most fully hates it. So get ready to laugh soccer fans!

32 Panels


Did you know that 32 is the number of panels used in the construction of a traditional soccer ball? If you are a fanatical soccer fan you do and that is the clever name of this blog. This site writes about notable events from around the world of international and club soccer/football/futbol.

Off The Post


One of the most popular football blogs out there, it delivers a healthy dose of humor and sarcasm when covering football news. Use this blog to keep current with soccer happenings around the world.

World Cup Team Guides: Netherlands
by Keith Satuku about 4 years ago
Man Utd confirm they’ve approached a number of potential new managers
by Rob Parker about 4 years ago

Soccer Blogger


Soccer Blog will test your knowledge of your favorite soccer team with it's quiz section. Along with with the mind benders you will find up to the minute updates in the soccer world. So if you are a fanatical soccer fan, here is the blog for you.

Video Zimbabwe Dynamos FC players Mutuma & Ndaba attempt the Messi penalty pass, but fail!
by Soccer Blog over 2 years ago
Video GIF Faiz Subri goal vs Pahang for Penang 2016 | Faiz Subri Free Kick MSL
by Soccer Blog over 2 years ago

The Original Winger


The Original Winger has all the information you may need on all soccer leagues from around the world. With daily posts, you are sure to be on top of your game if you check out this site.

Watch :: Chris Wondolowski’s Goal from Michael Bradley
by isps about 4 years ago
Video :: Michael Bradley’s Goal Opens the Books Against Mexico in Arizona
by isps about 4 years ago

New England Soccer Today


Sean Donahue and Brian O’Connell are long time New England Revolution reporters and the authors of this blog. They cover the Revolution as well as other soccer teams and keep you updated on latest soccer news. They are top notch reporters and you will not be disappointed when you visit this site.

Technically Speaking: #NEvVAN
by Rick Sewall over 4 years ago
PHOTOS: Revs Home Opener vs. Vancouver
by NE Soccer Today Editorial Staff over 4 years ago

View From South Stands


This site documents a loyal fan's journey of cheering on his beloved soccer team, Toronto FC. It is a lighthearted look through a fan's eyes. He lets you into his life try and provides a fan’s voice in commenting about the club, the results, the fan experience and aspirations.

Bez Speaks
by bgnewf almost 4 years ago
Defoe Goes – So Does Nelsen
by bgnewf almost 4 years ago

Only Time Will Tell


The author of this blog, Joe Wolf, does a great job in covering not only soccer but football and baseball leagues around the world. A very well informed site with lots to read.

We will never see it again
by Joe Wolf's Vertical Jump over 2 years ago
A tradition like no other
by Joe Wolf's Vertical Jump over 2 years ago

On Football


This blog keeps it simple and to the point when comes to reporting on the latest soccer news.There are visuals in the way of graphs to demonstrate the highs and lows of players and competing teams.



Kickette is written by a small but perfectly formed team of female journalists who happen to be fashionistas and report on the doings of the multi-millionaire football stars and gossip surrounding the soccer world. You will get a totally new side of this sport from this fabulous female writers.

Pitch Invasion


Pitch Invasion is a comprehensive blog covering all aspects of soccer. It's laid out like a New York or L.A. Times, but every tidbit of news you get has something to do with soccer. The blog's aim is to cover soccer culture, its grand history and other perspectives missed by mainstream media. It's a rich, compelling blog for any soccer fanatic out there. And even if you're a casual watcher, you're find yourself at home here.

Belgian Darkhorse In World Cup Odds
by Tom Dunmore about 4 years ago

EPL Talk


This blog is rated the number one Premier League-related blog. The purpose of this site is to provide readers with intelligent content focused on the world’s most popular sports league, the English Premier League.

Barcelona records nothing without titles, says Luis Enrique
by AFP over 2 years ago
League Cup triumph vindicates Pellegrini from Man City’s FA Cup disrespect
by AFP over 2 years ago

Red Raider Womens Soccer


This site is all about women's soccer. Texas Tech Red Raiders are a great college soccer team and you can read all about there accomplishments on this site.

Buzzin Football


Buzzin Media is a blog based in the UK. This blog has many different avenues that it covers and with the up to date posts on the soccer leagues you are sure to not miss a thing.

Should Manchester United stick with David Moyes?
by Edwin Huxley about 4 years ago
Win a copy of NEYMAR: The Making of the World’s Greatest New Number 10
by Terry Lane about 4 years ago

The Run Of Play


This site is for the people who like to go left when everyone is going right. This blog highlights the wonder and bizarre of the soccer world.

Soccer Lens


For the latest soccer news from around the world ,this is your one stop. along with team and player profiles ,daily posts you will find all the soccer league information you desire.

Who Should Win “Coach of the Year”?
by Waddah Hassani over 3 years ago
FIFA releases Three-Man shortlist for Ballon d’Or 2014 award
by Chris David over 3 years ago

World Cup Corner


This is a multi-functional world of soccer blog. From articles about the history of soccer to finding where to buy tickets to the International League games. This site is packed full of everything to do with the amazing world of soccer.

Mirko Bolesan


The blogger of this site uses this site to share little tidbits he finds on "the beautiful game". You will mostly find information on the not so famous football teams, but still very interesting and up to date posts on soccer happenings.

Manchester United to unveil a player/manager?
by about 4 years ago
A very short history of floodlit football
about 4 years ago

Soccer Blog


Soccer Blog is a fan-driven site founded by Christian and Shourin who thought since they aren't too good at playing soccer they would would talk about. Their main focus of this site is to write about the game they love so much and offer information you may not get any where else.



A great blog featuring weekly MLS Power Rankings, posts on teams and individual players as well as predictions for every game in the league for every day. There are also categories just for college soccer, the world cup and soccer around the globe.

Charlotte starting to make a MLS expansion push
by Drew Epperley almost 3 years ago
Miami inching closer to a stadium deal
by Drew Epperley almost 3 years ago