Storm Visuals


Storm chaser, photographer, and videographer Jeff Gammons shares his images and clips of mild and extreme weather alike.

Blog of Scott Weberpal


This up-and-coming blog centers around images of all kinds of weather. We could spend all day perusing these outstanding photographs!

Clouds 365 Project Blog


Imagine dedicating a full year to cloud photography. Kelly DeLay has done just that with his Clouds 365 Project, and the results are awe-inspiring.

Five Years or 1825 Days Later — Clouds 365 Project Will End
by Kelly DeLay about 4 years ago
Texas Lightning
by Kelly DeLay about 4 years ago

Midwest Chasers


Lightning and storm photography dominates this blog. The result is an elegant presentation of the beauty of severe weather.

Weather Photos Blog


Most meteorology blogs are based in the states, but we hopped across the pond to visit this site to learn more about current weather in Europe.

East Texas Skies


Meteorologist Grant Dade interprets satellite and radar data here, transforming them from esoteric images to easy-to-understand maps.

by Grant Dade over 3 years ago
Sunday Afternoon Landspout
by Grant Dade about 4 years ago

Southern Weather Brigade


Follow the intrepid Southern Weather Brigade as they chase storms across the southern corner of the U.S.