Green Sky Chaser


Rebekah LaBar mixes storm chasing adventures with milder subjects in this vibrant, readable blog.

Cyclone Road


This storm chaser clearly has a talent for storytelling. He brings the reader straight into the action, supplementing the written word with wonderful photographs.

7 June 2014: West Texas supercell
by Amos Magliocco almost 4 years ago
11 May 2014: South-central Kansas storms
by Amos Magliocco almost 4 years ago

Sdstormchase's Blog


With honesty and a touch of wit, Marc Hicks describes his storm chasing experiences. He doesn't shy away from admitting his mistakes, and the blog is all the better for that.

Spring is on the way, and dangerous weather is coming with it…
by Marc Hicks over 2 years ago
Runnin’ Down A Dream
by Marc Hicks over 2 years ago

Always Chasing / Big Sky Convection


Dann Cianca seems to be always out on the road. He documents his travels on his blog, mixing outdoor photography with his unabashed passion for meteorology.

Chad Cowan's Severe Weather Blog


Chad Cowan does a terrific job in his blog describing storms and severe weather without overdoing the technical language of meteorology.

In the Vortex


From "Weather 101" to accounts of chasing extreme storms, this meteorology blog has it all.

Iowa Chaser


Mike Cox writes and photographs his encounters with extreme weather events in the American Midwest.

Loaded Gun Chasing Blog


Despite the somewhat threatening title, we like this blog for its casual but dedicated approach to storm chasing.

Passion Twist


Plenty of facts about the thrill of the chase--along with the little details that characterize a storm chaser's life--brings the extreme weather stories on this blog to life.

Sky Diary


Chris Kridler's Sky Diary provides storm chasing accounts and galleries from Florida and Tornado Alley, along with kids' weather pages with facts on tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning and storm chasing. In addition, the blog explores not just weather, but writing and other topics, and feeds from sister site ChrisKridler.com.

Florida’s summer subjects – sea turtles and shelf clouds
by Chris Kridler almost 3 years ago
Lightning over the ocean in Florida
by Chris Kridler almost 3 years ago