Pharma Strategy Blog


Pharma Strategy Blog follows news in pharmaceutical developments and posts analysis of the chemistry of the medicines. Written by Sally Church, PhD, it focuses on oncology and hematology.

Practical Fragments


One of the largest uses of organic chemistry in industry is in drug design and production, and Practical Fragments posts on the practical matters of making drugs, particularly when using the Fragment-based Drug Design. The contents are highly technical, but clearly written.

Like the Elves to Valinor?
by Dr. Teddy Z almost 4 years ago
248th ACS National Meeting
by Dan Erlanson almost 4 years ago

Drug Discovery Opinion


This blog is run by a biotech consulting firm that specializes in drug discovery and medicinal chemistry. Posts cover different medicinal compounds, their discovery and possible uses in medicine from a medicinal chemistry perspective.

Machine-Learning in Drug Discovery
by WH almost 5 years ago

On Pharma


Affiliated with Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine, On Pharma analyzes the news in the pharmaceutical industry, including taking on alternative medicine. It has mostly industry news, but also has news about new drugs.