Totally Synthetic


This blog chronicles the thoughts and opinions of a chemist who's concentrating on medicine and infection. He vows that he's never himself fallen ill to a cold.

Useful Chemistry


Useful Chem is the online notebook of a Drexel University Lab which is working on synthesizing new anti-malaria drugs. As such, it has details of the laboratory life as well as comments on using the internet in science research.

Transforming Matters


The tagline for this blog, "…basic bits and bolts of chemistry…", sums up this blogs content in a nutshell. Most posts are descriptions of some kind of reaction in organic chemistry

SnAP reagents for the one-step synthesis of medium-ring saturated N-heterocycles from aldehydes
by DaveB over 4 years ago
Pd-Catalyzed Nucleophilic Fluorination of Aryl Bromides
by DaveB over 4 years ago