Prairiestorm Media


Andrew Pritchard describes his adventures as a storm-chasing student with undisguised enthusiasm.

WKU Meteorology


With a focus on weather in the mid-southern U.S., Goodrich and his student contributors interpret satellite maps to predict local weather. Discussions of large scale weather phenomena also find their way into the blog.

Sunshine and Blue Skies!
by Tyler Smith about 4 years ago
Excellent Easter Weekend
by Ryan Difani over 4 years ago

Meteorological Musings


Mike Smith literally wrote the book on tornado and storm warnings. In his blog, he keeps his eye on radar maps, watching out for impending severe weather

Severe Weather Potential
by Mike Smith over 2 years ago
Sunday Fun: Oh, NO!
by Mike Smith over 2 years ago

Northwest Weather


Think weather in the Pacific Northwest is just rain, rain, rain all the time? Think again. Blogger Aaron Hill expertly navigates the science of meteorology in the NW and beyond.

High Plains Drifter


Mike Umscheid chronicles his exploits chasing twisters, supplementing maps and stories with powerful photography.

Jeff's Weather Blog


After a year-long hiatus, Jeff's blog is back in action, and we're glad he has returned! From tropical storms and hurricanes to analyses of summer temperatures in New York, Jeff covers a variety of weather-related subjects.

Skytracker 7 Meteorologist Jay Webb's Blog


Get a behind-the-scenes look at a meteorology newsroom with Jay Webb's blog.

Storm Highway


Gripping photography of extraordinary weather is the star of this blog by storm chaser Dan Robinson.

Round Bottom Flask


An important aspect of any organic chemistry experience is the lab--which many of us find incredibly difficult. Luckily, Round Bottom Flask, the blog of an Australian chemistry lab, is here to help. It posts tips and tricks on lab work in easy English.

The Fast & Flurrious Weather Blog


A weather site with an emphasis on New England. We provide weather forecasts, radar imagery, a live webcam, and many other things. Check it out!