Experimental Error


While the author of this blog, FUG, is a chemist who just started working in industry, much of the content of experimental error is philosophical--but its philosophy from the perspective of someone trained in chemistry.

Different strokes for different folks
by FUG almost 4 years ago
A counter-intuitive rule
by FUG almost 4 years ago

Chemistry Central Blog


This is another blog associated with a science journal. However, Chemistry Central is an open-access journal--meaning that you do not have to pay to read it. Its blog focuses on open-access publishing, chemistry, and the academic world.

New Editorial Board member for Sustainable Chemical Processes
by Charlotte Hollingworth almost 4 years ago
Two new Editorial Board members join Sustainable Chemical Processes
by Charlotte Hollingworth almost 4 years ago

The Rheo Thing


Written by a polymer expert in industry, the Rheo thing is about plastics, sustainibility, and fun organic chemistry factoids.

Natural Exposure Testing and Pride
by John over 2 years ago
Oil Prices to Remain Low - For 10 Years?
by John over 2 years ago

Round Bottom Flask


An important aspect of any organic chemistry experience is the lab--which many of us find incredibly difficult. Luckily, Round Bottom Flask, the blog of an Australian chemistry lab, is here to help. It posts tips and tricks on lab work in easy English.



Besides children's books or the latest cartoons, another field that flourished with the help of great illustration was science. Beautiful and detailed artwork helped capture the natural world way before photography came along. This blog uncovers some of the prettiest illustrations of flora and fauna. Its coverage doesn't end there; blogger Peacay also expresses an obsessive interest in the artwork of old-school bibliographies.

Baltic Heraldry
by peacay almost 4 years ago
Swiss Fruit
by peacay almost 4 years ago

The Fast & Flurrious Weather Blog


A weather site with an emphasis on New England. We provide weather forecasts, radar imagery, a live webcam, and many other things. Check it out!



Mysteries, Phenomena, Ancient History and Science



medicinal chemistry blog providing drug discovery related information, research highlights, laboratory techniques..

Sky Diary


Chris Kridler's Sky Diary provides storm chasing accounts and galleries from Florida and Tornado Alley, along with kids' weather pages with facts on tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning and storm chasing. In addition, the blog explores not just weather, but writing and other topics, and feeds from sister site ChrisKridler.com.

Florida’s summer subjects – sea turtles and shelf clouds
by Chris Kridler almost 3 years ago
Lightning over the ocean in Florida
by Chris Kridler almost 3 years ago

The Art and Science of Introducting Neuroscience


I am a neurogardener.I "grow" people and neurosciences for my university since neuro and brain sciences are the fifth revolution after nanotechnology and genomics.As I am growing them,I am growing old as well.I hope the trees will grow tall one day as I may not be able to see the results.I do need help from fellow neurogardeners else where with big hearts and donors with big,deep pockets to help make a brain research center a reality.

The Art and Science of introducing Neuroscience .. turned 2...
over 4 years ago

Severe Weather Lab


A site with information on various forms of severe weather.

Scientific Tabulations


Undergraduate in Biomedical Sciences looking to branch into science journalism so hoping that you like my pieces :)



This blog covers exercise physiology, nutrition and environmental health issues.

Noura Writes


Reflective and informative articles on current news in history and science.



our blog already indicates that it is the "The Universe Encyclopedia". so no wonder every single person of the world who is keenly intrested on the topic "the universe' will undoubtedly enjoy our website. Array Proxima is all about knowing our complicated universe i started this website to make the topic more easier to understand the whole world. UNIVERSE is a topic like a suspenseful story which i would like to explain as a narrator of that story. My future plans are all about how to encourage people about the term 'cosmoloy' with the explanation of hidden souls who has taken part in the past ,present and future of the learning of universe with the compilation of all the theories and philosphies behind the sceens.

Straight Talk From The Hematech


Clinical Laboratory Science Stories, Products, patient advice,Lab Tests

The Blog of Rebecca D. Costa


Rebecca Costa is an American sociobiologist who offers a genetic explanation for current events, emerging trends and individual behavior. A thought-leader and provocative new voice in the mold of Thomas Friedman, Malcolm Gladwell and Jared Diamond, Costa traces everything from terrorism, debt, epidemic obesity, and upheaval in the Middle East to evolutionary imperatives.

Death of the Campaign Blueprint
over 2 years ago
Capital Punishment: No Longer a Moral Argument
over 2 years ago

This Science Is Crazy!


A largely ignorant, sideways look at some of the latest happenings in the world of science



A Variety Of Lists That Will Blow Your Mind!



a blog about lists, interesting lists, top-ten-lists, cool, fun, interesting-lists, interesting-websites, cool-stuff, awesome-stuff, interesting-facts

Spin and Tonic


news, views and reviews from the world of spintronics and magnetism