Charlotte's Library


Charlotte, an archaeologist by trade, moonlights as president of the Friends of a small New England library. An avid reader of fantasy and science fiction and the mother of two boys, she reviews books for kids and teens. She is also an active member of Kidlitosphere, and a three time Cybils Awards panelist. The focus of her blog is on fantasy and science fiction books for young adults and children. Charlotte includes some regular features which make this a favorite place for readers to visit. On Sundays she gathers posts of middle-grade science fiction and fantasy reviews and news from other blogs. She lists new releases about three times a month, and Tuesday is Time Travel book review day.

This week's round-up of middle grade sci fi and fantasy from around the blogs (2/28/16(
by Charlotte over 2 years ago
Joining the March "Take Control of your TBR Pile" Challenge
by Charlotte over 2 years ago

Judge Not By The Covers


A book review site? Or an escape from reality? This blog is up-to-date with the most voyeuristic and fantastical books on the market. Whether it's apocalyptic Hunger Games or past life embodiments, you're bound to find something to get lost in.

Gabriella Bradley's Blog


I'm new at blogging. I'll be writing about my life as a writer, ups and downs, the pitfalls us writers fall into, bad writing habits and more.

The Samsara Chronicles to TV
by gabriellabradley over 2 years ago

Blog That Book Out!


I need an action-packed novel, a thrilling story and a strong main character. I need a page turner!

More Than Just Magic


A mostly speculative fiction blog, with occasional features on Canadian literature and GLBTQ literature. Home of Fangirl Friday - a weekly feature on geek culture - and The Doctor Who Watch a Thon

YA Pride 2014 Kick Off
by Christa Seeley about 4 years ago
Dark Fantasy with a Touch of Twin Peaks: A Wide Open Giveaway
by Christa Seeley about 4 years ago

Lady Journal


This librarian assistant loves her books to the max. I dedicate every day researching online new and interesting titles to suggest. Genre that I love ,..Horror,Paranormal Romance,Thriller,Non-Fic Paranormal ,Ghost,Vamps,were's, witches ,zombies Oh my! Check me out ,from time to time I have contests.

Monster Girl Review


Horror,Paranormal Romance,Sci-Fi,Ficiton ,Zombie,Vamps,Were's,Witch's Oh' my

Val's Random Comments


Book review blog with a focus on Science Fiction and Fantasy. Will also feature occasional reviews of works in genres like historical fiction, horror or main stream fiction.

Binti - Nnedi Okorafor
by noreply@blogger.com (Rob Weber) over 2 years ago
American Gods - Neil Gaiman
by noreply@blogger.com (Rob Weber) over 2 years ago

Beamer Books


This is the official blog of the Beam Me Up Science Fiction Book Club, an amusing group of people who usually meet on the second Friday of each month among the stacks of Watchung Booksellers in Montclair, New Jersey. The club reads the best — hopefully — of science fiction and fantasy, including space opera, utopian, dystopian, hard sf, soft sf, feminist sf, cyberpunk, alternative histories, alternative futures, slipstream, dark sf, erotic sf, new wave, new weird, and epic, heroic, urban, historical, mythical, humorous, science and dark fantasy, as well as related non-genre works.

Politics makes for orbital bedfellows
by Eugene R. over 2 years ago
Let me gaze into your Future-rama
by Eugene R. over 2 years ago

Iron Fist Blog


The blog features free short stories as well as previews of novels, screenplays, TV pilots, book trailers and cool graphics. Most of the material listed on the blog is science fiction, dystopia, dark fantasy genre. The blog is home for the dark fantasy series "Legend of the Tyrant" and science fiction/dystopian series "Factory 21."

The Necromancer
by Iron Fist over 2 years ago
Caitlin vs. Storm Dragon
by Iron Fist over 2 years ago

Book on a Wire


Discussions about science fiction, fantasy, books, and writing.

Streampunk Reviews, by Zoe


Dedicated Steampunk Fiction Reviews, for your viewing pleasure :)

Pazzy Pages Book Blog


I review a lot of science fiction but a lot of other genres too!

Lizzy's Dark Fiction


I blog about books and book related materials. I have a heavy preference towards reading about Dark Fiction, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, or Horror books.

by Lizzy Lessard over 4 years ago
Tour Review — Artifact Hunter series (Nefertiti’s Heart)
by Lizzy Lessard over 4 years ago

Reading for Kicks


Then I started writing my own fantasy novel. Needless to say this consisted of around 3 hours a week of actual writing and another 30 or so of reading author blogs, listening to writing podcasts, and generally procrastinating on the internet in anyway I could justify. This taught me two things: 1. I know nothing, NOTHING, about science fiction or fantasy. I hadn’t even heard of most of the classic titles people were praising, let alone read them. 2. I spend waaaay too much time on the internet. So to solve problem number one, and make problem number two worse, I started this blog. The aim is for me to read and review a classic (or at least famous) work of fantasy or science fiction every week. I will also occasionally interjecting with some thoughts on writing, or, as is more likely, link you to funny videos I find when I should be writing.

Starbreaker - Science Fantasy by Matthew Graybosch


Welcome to starbreakerseries.com, home of Starbreaker, an original epic science fantasy series published by Curiosity Quills Press. For information about the author, check the “About the Author” page, or refer to my personal blog at matthewgraybosch.com.

Am I Good Enough? | PDXX Collective
by Matthew Graybosch about 4 years ago
Follow Me as I Go Beyond Death
by Matthew Graybosch over 4 years ago



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