The blogger of this site, a self-avowed science geek, has never seemed so glamorous. We gravitated to her warm writing that shows how chemistry and cool blend well.

Take a MOOC in research-based teaching!
by Stephanie Chasteen almost 3 years ago
Drawing to Learn: Sketching and Peer Instruction
by Stephanie Chasteen almost 3 years ago

Chemistry World


Chemistry World Blog is a chemistry news blog with a focus on chemistry that is of interest to laypeople. Its topics are fascinating, but not involved in the nitty-gritty of chemical synthesis. It is associated with the magazine Chemistry World and with the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Crystal structures unpacked
about 4 years ago
Elusive σ aromaticity captured
about 4 years ago



Come to this blog site when you're on the lookout for a blend of entertainment and eccentricity. The writing takes science seriously, not the writers themselves.

"Rate your Supervisor" comes to High Energy Physics
by Sabine Hossenfelder over 2 years ago
10 Years BackRe(action)
by Sabine Hossenfelder over 2 years ago



Run by Paul Bracher, this blog often considers organic chemistry in the real world--for example, what does it mean when a dry-cleaning business advertises that their products are non-toxic, and why is uric acid green in the ads for Uloric?

Update: First-Year Professor Craziness
by Paul Bracher over 4 years ago
Some Fantastic Christmas Presents
by Paul Bracher over 4 years ago

A Giant Among Molecules


A third-year graduate student brings a refreshing point of view to the chemistry blogosphere. The blog allows him to vent on how depressing it all can be sometimes.

All That Matters


Maintain your up-to-date status when it comes to the latest innovations in chemistry and other sciences with this site. The writer also serves as an editor to a respected journal.

Nature Communications is becoming fully open access
by Joerg Heber almost 4 years ago
Citations and the problem of capturing impact
by Joerg Heber almost 4 years ago

Chemical Crystallinity


Chemical Crystallinity is an organic chemistry blog with a focus on the details of synthesis, with digressions into the nature of science publishing.



This British chemist avails herself of her huge brain and multiple high-level degrees. But this blog isn't for just the bigwigs -- anyone can appreciate her viewpoint.

Light Fantastic Festival January 2016
by Sarah over 2 years ago
Four News elements
by Sarah over 2 years ago

Totally Synthetic


This blog chronicles the thoughts and opinions of a chemist who's concentrating on medicine and infection. He vows that he's never himself fallen ill to a cold.



This Tumblr blog would be a fun one to add to your regular chemistry blog rolodex. The posts are all of a sundry focus, but are uniformly readable and attractive.

almost 4 years ago
how about you turning off spell check….
almost 4 years ago



This is the blog to which to direct the chemistry hater in your life. Even if that hater is you, blogger Andrea's post do their utmost to win you over in appreciation.

Going green and saving money
by Andrea Sella about 4 years ago
Going green and saving money
by Andrea Sella about 4 years ago



ScienceBase, written by David Bradley, a science writer, is a science news blog with a focus on chemistry, including organic chemistry. It also has digressions into how science is done, the All Results Journal, and other topics of interest to anyone looking to go into science.

Sciencebase first tweets
by David Bradley over 4 years ago
Beer and bingo budget
by David Bradley over 4 years ago

Science in the Open


There's no use keeping your brilliant scientific finding to yourself in your room. This blog encourages its readers to happily engage with an idea known as open research.

Not what, not who, or how, but Why is Open?
by Cameron Neylon over 2 years ago
The end of the journal? What has changed, what stayed the same?
by Cameron Neylon over 2 years ago

Comradde PhysioProffe


This blog seems to serve almost as an alter-ego to an otherwise repressed and overstressed academic. The tone taken here is mirthful, funny, and anything but too serious.

Lamest Toilet Stall Graffiti Ever
by Comradde PhysioProffe over 3 years ago
Hellz To The Motherfucken YEAH!!! 1!111!!!
by Comradde PhysioProffe over 3 years ago



This blog focuses on the hilarious places where science and culture come together. Frankenstein and geek-only info have been recent topics.

Manipulated by music
by Philip Ball over 2 years ago
On being "harsh" to Babylonia
by Philip Ball over 2 years ago



The site makes it clear that its title is Greek for "juice." But the blog expands on this definition and proves how food and chemistry are really one and the same.

Ginger milk curd
by Martin Lersch over 4 years ago
Texture updated and available for download
by Martin Lersch over 4 years ago

Noel O'Blog


Noel O'Blog is about the use of math and computer programs in organic chemistry. It is a good blog for anyone looking to learn more about the computational side of organic chemistry

In memory of Jean-Claude Bradley Part II
by Noel O'Boyle almost 4 years ago
In memory of Jean-Claude Bradley
by Noel O'Boyle about 4 years ago

Everyday Scientist


This blog was designed to give shout-outs to the workaday, ordinary science stories that don't make headlines. It helps to realize the glory and the glamor of the everyday.

2014 Nobel roundup
by sam almost 4 years ago
the one year i don’t predict w.e. moerner to win…
by sam almost 4 years ago



This blog is an example of one student who keeps track of his studies in chemistry with the site's help. Fellow students would do well to emulate his note ideas here.

Dr. Landrie's Chemistry


This lecturer of organic chemistry is so infectiously passionate about teaching that he'll make students out of those who've already graduated. Chemistry takes on extra charms with his efforts.

My Recommended Model Sets
by Dr. Landrie over 4 years ago

Culture of Chemistry


This blog makes it clear that culture and chemistry are incredibly intertwined. Learn about humanity and helium at once with the site's stunning observations.

Weird words of science: prilled iodine
by Michelle over 3 years ago
Fire Burn and Caldron Bubble: A chemistry set for the iPad
by Michelle over 4 years ago

Green Sky Chaser


Rebekah LaBar mixes storm chasing adventures with milder subjects in this vibrant, readable blog.

Prairiestorm Media


Andrew Pritchard describes his adventures as a storm-chasing student with undisguised enthusiasm.