Future college kids are handed an abundance of attractive scholarships to apply for while receiving sage advice for life on campus here. Time management and choices of major are among the areas of counsel.

10 Colleges with the Cheapest Room and Board Fees
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Register and Win $500 from Scholarships.com
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School Grants Blog


This blog uniquely specializes in the needs of students who are on the hunt for grants. The explanations of myriad grant types and FAFSA prep advice really stand out.

Nursing Assistant (Nurse’s Aide) Grants and Scholarships
by grantofficer about 4 years ago

College Athletic Scholarships


You may not be recruited by the NBA straightaway. But your skills on the court can help to pay the bills for the classroom.

Scholarship Points


On nearly a daily basis, visitors here can scoop up prime scholarship info in advance of their competitors. The writers also offer fond remembrances of their own college days.

New Scholarships Alert for April 4, 2014
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New Scholarships Alert for March 21, 2014
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Cancer for College


This blog chronicles a scholarship that endows students hampered by cancer to live college dreams. Even those who don't qualify can appreciate these survival stories.

Legal Scholarship Blog


Current college kids looking to head to law school can look here for money awards that deserve a gavel-pounding or two. Current law students also lend their most erudite papers here to be read.

Colloquia/Workshops (Charlottesville, VA)
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Colloquia/Workshops (Madison, WI)
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The Best Kept Secrets for Winning Scholarships


Blogger Brenda believes that most hopefuls are far too passive and uninformed to generate real scholarship results. The tips gleaned here help applicants make a bigger impact.

Our World: Underwater Scholarship Society


This blog invites you to turn to the ocean when looking to come up with hidden free-money treasure. Pupils studying sea-related topics are invited to apply for the site's awards.



Readers on the hunt for a new and desirable scholarship should turn here once daily for an exciting find. The awards they feature are frequently overlooked by other searchers.

Advice for High School Students
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The Differences Between High School & College
by Elizabeth Hoyt about 4 years ago

SimpleTuition Blog: Student Loan News and Financial Aid Information


Students who need loans or other aid to bolster their scholarship quest find solace and solid info here. The Internet's place in hunting for college funds is a common topic.

College Grants and Scholarships


This blog assists students in their quest to create a winning battle plan for scholarship wins. Loan info and tuition-reducing tips appear in great abundance here.

How 2 Win Scholarships


This blog provides an arsenal of tools designed to help you exhaustively search for ideal awards. Each post mentions a scholarship website to bookmark immediately.

Find More Local College Scholarships
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College Scholarship Mom Tip!
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Scholarship Mentor


Read this blog with a fine-tooth comb to learn how to groom yourself into a winning applicant as early as possible. Resume perfecting and FAFSA help are offered too.