Messing About in Boats


This blog offers videos, how-tos, and advice on maintaining and purchasing a sailboat. If you're just getting started on your sailing adventures this is a good blog to wet your feet with.

Question Of The Day
by Adam Turinas over 4 years ago
Points Of Sail
by Adam Turinas over 4 years ago

VELOCIR - raptor on the prowl


Albin Vega 27 Velocir is home to the Captains Howerton. We are a young couple navigating the cruising lifestyle as we sail throughout warm waters. We do our blog not just as a way of keeping in touch with family and friends, but because we enjoyed so many other blogs during our two years working, saving and outfitting Velocir. We found their insight not only entertaining and useful but inspiring.

Quonset House – Our Newest Adventure!
by VELOCIR about 4 years ago
Sail Care, Interview with an Expert – Article in SpinSheet Magazine
by VELOCIR about 4 years ago

Wind Athletes Vendee Globe Blog


This Blog will feature expert commentary on the 2012 Vendee Globe Ocean Race as it unfolds. The author is an experienced Open 60 sailor and a Olympian in the Tornado Class in 2004.