Racing Rules of Sailing: Look to Windward


Jos created this blog to help educate people about racing rules and etiquette on the sea. This blog is filled with technical instructions and diagrams to help you master your tack and keep your sails full.

KWS Journaal 2016-1
by Jos over 2 years ago
Theorielezingen bij TEAM HEINER
by Jos over 3 years ago

Apparent Wind


Whether you love racing the Laser or simply sailing in Massachusetts, this blog offers comical anecdotes and tips to catch the wind in lightning fast sailboats.

Campbell Sailing


This blog is maintained by former US Olympic sailing team member. Read Andrew's blog for news on his current racing plans and accomplishments and stay apprised of international championships.

Videos from Lake Macquarie
by Andrew almost 4 years ago
Video from Second Camp in Sydney
by Andrew about 4 years ago

Sailing Pilot


Welcome to the Sailing Pilot website where you can download your new Ionian eAlmanac’s, Sporades Sailing Pilot and Ionian Marine Directory. There is lots of new stuff happening on our Blog where you will find my latest nautical writings.