Controlled Jibe


Mark and Katie, along with their adventurous 3-yr old golden retriever mutt, Wylie, have opted for a life outside of the ordinary. Although very much a work in progress, they have sailed the Sea of Cortez on a 28' Pearson Triton, are working as guides in Alaska this summer and plan to continue the adventure until 'the money runs out or the golden retriever mutinies...'!

The Birds And The Bees And The Goats
by Katie and Mark over 4 years ago
The Week in Photos
by Katie and Mark over 4 years ago

Jerin and Michelle Dobson: A Day in the Life


Jerin and Michelle enjoy travelling in mexico Cuba and Central America as well as sailing, cruising, live aboard, gulf islands, saltspring, Jerin, Michelle, Dobson

by Jerin and Michelle Dobson over 4 years ago
Look kids, Big Ben.
by Jerin and Michelle Dobson almost 5 years ago

Roads Less Traveled


Come join us in our fun life of full-time travel. Whether cruising Mexico in our sailboat or camping in the US in our RV, we bring you whimsical stories and gorgeous photographs from everywhere we visit. Get inspired!!

Sunny Side Up – Baby Sandhill Cranes Hatch in Sarasota FL
by Roads Less Traveled over 3 years ago
Trailer Disc Brake Conversion – Electric Over Hydraulic Disc Brakes – WOW!
by Roads Less Traveled over 3 years ago

Sail + Give + Live


A family of four decides to spend 3 years cruising and volunteering in Latin America. This blog documents the journey, from moving aboard, to shoving off, and all that follows.

S/V Sweet Escape


An early 50's couple from Wisconsin retires from their lifelong careers, sells everything, buys a sailboat and heads out to fun and adventure along the east coast of the US, the Bahamas and beyond.

Random Stuff
over 4 years ago
Dinner Key
over 4 years ago

Taught by the Sea


Here you’ll find a seabound homesteader telling stories of adventures in canning, sailing, bicycling, hosting, and local eats. For me, life on a boat demands and affirms a lifestyle I strive to maintain. One of sustainability, sea-going know-how, and simplicity. It also affords the opportunity to host friends and make creative meals for them, to plan adventures and travels that are rewarding, fun, and easeful, and to organize your life creatively in a small space.

Launching Day, 2014
by Anne about 4 years ago
Buddhist Teachings, Joyful Effort, and Boat Work
by Anne about 4 years ago

Learning to Live Aboard


We're living aboard our sailboat and sharing what we learn along the way.

Living aboard Boats


Hello and welcome to Living aboard Boats.com. Let me take a minute of your time to explain the concept behind this site Living aboard boats is an interactive web site where fellow independent thinkers from all over the globe can visit and explore the truly unique life style of living simply and away from every day societal expectations.



We are Mike and Amy. Police officer and teacher…for now. Aspiring sailors and future cruisers.

Some ‘off-season’ work
by Mike over 4 years ago
First Solo Sail
by Mike over 4 years ago

Andy & Mia


Andy Schell (American) & his wife Maria Karlsson (Swedish) write about sailing, adventure, life (and sometimes running). Their 35-foot yawl is currently in Sweden after crossing the far north Atlantic from Annapolis, MD. Read about their travels, check out Mia's awesome photos and subscribe to Andy's new podcast!

S/V Valentina


Sonny and Kay from Waxahachie, Texas have been living and cruising on our Tayana 37 for the past 7 years in the NW Caribbean, Panama, and Colombia. Our website contains daily logs, pictures and videos of our experiences.

sv prili


Family sailing together around the world.



A blog about life on the coast, minimalism, sailing and simplicity.

Tig and Serena


Live simply. Live creatively. Live close to the ones you love. Our family of four lives on our sailboat, sv Wildest Dream. We write about living aboard, cruising, and Waldorf-inspired un-preschooling.

The Adventures of [sic]...


A sailor's blog cataloging my adventures aboard many sailing ships. I live aboard full time, and also work as a professional sailor aboard traditionally rigged tall ships. The blog is new and still coming in to its own, but enjoy!

Mic check…
by Clownshoes over 2 years ago
A Picture Post
by about 4 years ago

From Pine to Palm


Traveling slowly aboard a boat, enjoying local food, living within our means, meeting lots of people along the way.

Project Motor Boat


Family of sailors who've traveled the Eastern & Western Caribbean trade in their sails for two diesel engines and a boat load of room! Now they are turning this power hungry, inefficient, dock-dweller into a self-sufficient, alternative-energy, cruising live-aboard!

The In-Betweeners
by Felicity MotorBoat almost 5 years ago
I've Got 99 Problems Because Boats Are Dumb!
by Felicity MotorBoat almost 5 years ago