Tugster: A Waterblog


If you're interested in the waters of New York, then this blog is a must-read. Learn about hidden secrets, view photos, and learn about the maritime history of New York on Tugster's Waterblog.

Seven Seas 5
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Thanks to Jed 3
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The Fun Hogs


This blog is filled with photos and advice for building your own kayak from sailors in Hawaii. Learn the tricks, check out the pics, and build your own kayak to take for a sail.

Scott's Boat Pages


A good blog for technical and boat-building information as well as sailing tips and boat restoration. Look for photos and critical posts on sailing and sailboat repare here.

Book III of The Pulse Series is Available to Preorder Now
by Scott B. Williams over 2 years ago
Norwalk Islands Sharpie 23 for Sale
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The Bianka Log Blog


This blog offers you tips on good sailing books to read, notes on repairing sailboats or the opportunity to watch Captain Mike play the guitar.

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Tall Ships Challenge Official Blog


You watched Pirates of the Caribbean, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to sail a tall ship? This blog has current news and information about operational tall ships and their sailing agendas and challenges.

Last Minute EAGLE Opportunity
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It’s #TALLSHIPSTUESDAY! Let’s learn about Inland Seas
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Stevens, Waring & White Yacht Design Blog


This blog is maintained by three professional yacht designers. You'll find photographs, design concepts and ideas, and tips about yacht maintenance on the SWW Yacht Design Blog.

Dudley Dix Yacht Design


Dudley Dix designs boats of all types for amateur and professional boatbuilders. This blog will keep you up to date on what is happening with new and existing designs, as well as when we will be at boat shows and other events.

Kidz at Sea on a Didi 26
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"Flying Cloud", A Plywood Dix 43
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s/v Domina Mea


The refit, launch, and sailings of s/v Domina Mea. A Westsail 28

Sailing Pups


Our Adventures in Nunavut and Plans to Sail the Ocean



Follow Bo as he prepares to embark on an around-the-world voyage.

Portlight Adventures


Welcome to Portlight Adventures. Besides being a rather catchy name it has some meaning behind it as well. This is the story of our adventures as seen through our eyes. In here we have opened up the porthole to our lives, our tragedies, our up’s and down’s. This is not a fluffed up and polished version suitable for all ages and rated G but instead a raw look at our lives leading up to day when we slip our lines for the last time and move onto our boat for good. This blog will follow us as we begin our cruising lifestyle and allow us to share with our readers the love of life on the water my wife and I have. We hope you enjoy our stories, I doubt they are as unique as we like to think they are. Everybody has their own forms of triumphs and failures, this is our version. Please fee free to comment honestly on any of our post. We do ask one thing, be courteous in your responses.

A Sailing Story


Pursuing a dream of learning to sail the author purchases a neglected old sailboat for $4,000 off Craigslist. With no experience in boat restoration, he slowly brings the boat and his dream to life.

Sailing with Sophie


The adventures of 3 year old Sophie and her Aussie cruising Mum and dad



Life aboard an Island Packet 465 in the Pacific Northwest